Nursing Job Opportunities: Faith Community

nursing job opportunitiesDo you believe that medicine shouldn’t just be about healing the body, but also taking the time to heal the mind and the spirit at the same time? This is the basis for faith community nursing, a type of professional nursing that involves caring for patients while staying grounded in your spiritual beliefs. These types of nurses practice in the same way that many holistic nurses do. They help patients achieve overall wellness by balancing the mind and body, but at the same time they care for and even prevent disease by believing in a higher power.

Nursing Job Opportunities: Faith Community Job Description

Becoming a faith community nurse gives you the ability to work in many different fields. You may work in a hospital or a community health clinic, but you may also find job opportunities in churches, Imams, Synagogues, or any other religious institution. Faith community nurses aren’t relegated to a single religion, either. You can practice under any religion you believe in and feel comfortable with.

As this kind of nurse, you’ll be responsible for providing care for patients just as any other nurse would. You’ll need to pass out medications, take vitals, and educate your patient on their illness. More than these normal tasks, however, you’ll also be focusing on the rest of the patient. When you address an illness, like cancer, you’ll not only be part of the health care team that provides the support they need to physically recover, but also the mental and spiritual support necessary. You may need to take an active role in the counseling of your patients.

In addition to this, you’ll also be asked to help educate your religious peers regarding health-related topics. They may not have the education and training you have, and may need that information when assisting you in healing the mind and spirit of the patients.

How to Become a Nurse: Faith Community

To become a faith community nurse, you’ll need to earn your associate or bachelor degree in nursing first and pass your NCLEX-RN test. While you’re preparing for your test, you should also take advantage of any classes related to faith, counseling, and healing.

Once you’ve earned your RN credentials, you can become a faith community nurse. In order to do this, though, you have to show that you understand and believe in the faith you want to practice in. You’ll also need to show you can effectively mix religion and medicine. One of the best ways to prepare for this is before you even attend nursing school. Take CNA training, then volunteer to work under a faith community nurse in the religion of your choice. Watch them work and be as involved as possible, while at the same time you attend school. Working as a health care assistant in this way can help you understand what will be needed of you once you reach this part of your career.

Ready to become a faith community nurse? Learn more about this and other nursing job opportunities.

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