Online CNA Training- 6 Issues You Didn’t See Coming

cna trainingCNA Training

So, you’ve finally decided to begin your new career, and the first steps you need to take is enrolling in CNA training. The only problem is, you already work a full time job, and you can’t simply quit or there will be no food on the table for the kids. Speaking of kids- who’s going to watch them while you’re in class? How are you going to afford the extra money it will take to hire a babysitter?

When many individuals begin thinking about taking CNA training courses, they often worry how these classes will fit into their busy schedule and strict budget. Because of this, they often begin thinking outside of the brick-and-mortar box and choose to go virtual instead with online CNA training. For some, a virtual classroom is a blessing. For others, however, it may only solve three problems and create five more.

If you’re in the process of determining whether or not to take your CNA training online or in the classroom, let’s take a look at a few downfalls online courses might bring that you would never see coming.

Downfalls of Online CNA Training

  • Lack of Structure- While one of the benefits of online CNA training is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, it can also be a downfall. You may find it difficult to plan time to set aside for studying or classes when the kids or the phone won’t interrupt. This can seriously impact your ability to finish your courses in good time and your ability to get the grades you want.
  • Hidden costs- Most traditional CNA courses cover all costs of your CNA training upfront; when you pay your tuition, you’re also paying for any supplies, scrubs, and books you will need for the course. With online CNA training, however, you will most likely only be paying for the tuition up front. Unless you read the fine print, you may not even realize you need to purchase your own materials and supplies later on.
  • No Immediate Feedback- When you take regular CNA training, your CNA training instructor is present in the classroom. They will address any problems you have immediately and answer any questions right away. With online courses, though, you may email an instructor a question and not receive a reply for hours or even days. This can affect the way you study and impact your ability to complete assignments or quizzes on time.
  • You Need a Classroom- The main reason why so many individuals decide to take CNA training online is to avoid having to enter a classroom. Unfortunately, online courses don’t eliminate this need. You’ll still have to take your practical exams in a classroom.
  • Auditory and Visual Learners- Are you the type of person who learns by hearing or seeing? If so, you may find it difficult to learn what you need to with online CNA training. While some video and sound clips may be offered, most of your coursework will be in writing.
  • Tutors- While some CNA training students in the classroom will need to hire a tutor, the majority of the time their CNA training instructor will be able to assist them one-on-one to help them avoid this added cost. If you’re studying online, however, you may not have this advantage. This means you might end up spending even more so you can get the help you need to pass CNA training.

Is Online CNA Training For You?

While there are some definite advantages to online CNA training, it isn’t for everyone. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you commit to this type of CNA training.

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