Online CNA Training Courses: Are They Considered Credible for Hiring?

cna trainingCNA training can open up a whole new world for some individuals. It can provide you with the knowledge and ability to work in the medical field. However, the right kind of CNA training is important.

With the virtual boom of online college courses, many individuals have begun attending CNA training online. While many online colleges provide excellent training in certain fields, many students and employers continue to wonder if the Internet can really provide the correct learning environment for those who wish to work as CNAs.

What is Involved in Online CNA Training?

The average state mandate for CNA training is at least 75 hours in the classroom and 25 to 50 hours of clinical learning. State approved online CNA training courses will provide the student with the correct number of hours needed to earn a the nursing assistant certification, and will also provide the correct education.

Student will learn everything they need to know about working with patients and being a CNA over the Internet. This provides them with the time to work and care for their families while earning their education. While CNA training normally takes three to five weeks to complete at a brick and mortar college, when a student attend an online school, he or she can take as much time as he or she needs to complete the training.

For the classroom section of the online courses, students will become knowledgeable on subject such as:

  • Bathing and personal hygiene
  • Feeding patients
  • Attending to patients with disabilities
  • Dressing patients
  • Taking vital signs
  • Measuring input and output
  • Repositioning patients

While students will be unable to speak face to face with teachers, they will be able to contact them through forums, email, instant messenger, and the telephone.

Most online CNA training courses provide clinical training for their students. They will arrange for the student to spend a certain number of hours at a respectable facility, where the student will put into practice what he or she has learned online. This interaction is an important part of CNA training, because it allows students to learn more about how to care for the patients and helps them gain experience before they enter the workforce.

Will Employees Hire CNAs who Have Taken CNA Training Online?

In short, yes, CNAs who have obtained their education online can definitely find work in the medical field. While some employers may still frown on this education and prefer students who have attended a brick and mortar institution, the majority have accepted this form of education and understand that it provides the education a CNA needs.

If you are considering taking CNA training online, you don’t need to worry. Just make sure the school you are attending is accredited and approved by the state. If you know where you want to find employment after your training is complete, speak to someone at that business to see what they think of online education. This will help you determine if online CNA training courses are right for you.

With online CNA training, you can start today, study when convenient, and begin your new career in record time.

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  1. Joanne or Max Says:

    We are interested in doing CNA classes in addition to the NCLEX prep classes we have at Peking University Medical School (in Beijing China). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. IreneCoblentz Says:

    I am a RMA and have taken a lot of the training in my clinical classes in college in which I just graduated from. I was wondering if I could just go ahead and take the test for certification?

  3. philip Says:

    I am a licence practical nurse from Canada and do need the California CNA licence while the Nursing board are evaluating my LPN licence. I leave in San Jose Ca, and do prefer the online CNA class. I will appreciate a phone number.

  4. philip Says:

    408 460-71xx i can be contacted by phone

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