Online CNA Training: Dealing With a Bully

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When it comes to CNA training, bullying isn’t a new issue. In fact, it’s been a problem for decades. Despite our understanding of this problem and our attempts to eliminate it, it is still a present threat in the classroom. Some CNA training students are bullies; they backstab, sabotage, are impolite, are rude, gossip, and have no manners or respect for their fellow students or their CNA training instructor.

In the classroom, many instructors these days are well prepared on how to deal with these types of students. Rules have been set in place to protect students from bullies and to ensure each individual has the opportunity to receive the education they want and deserve.

When bullying takes place during online CNA training classes, unprofessional behavior is a little harder to deal with. Instructors may not notice when bullying is taking place, and if the bullied student doesn’t come forward, they often have no way of knowing there is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Are you being bullied by your fellow students while taking online CNA training? If so, there are some critical steps you need to take now.

CNA Training and Online Bullies

  • Don’t Engage- If a bully is communicating with you, do your best to not respond to the behavior. This can be difficult, because it is natural for you to want to defend yourself. However, you must remember that while bullies can be adults, they don’t think like an adult. Their behavior is the same as an immature teenager or even a child, and there is no reasoning with them.
  • Keep a Record- Whether the bullying occurs in an email, over social media, through instant messenger, or through online forums created for the CNA training class, make sure to keep a record of everything. Save emails to specific folders, save chat histories, and print out evidence of discussions on social media and forums before they can be removed by the perpetrator.
  • Get Help- One of the biggest problems with cyber bullying is how secretive it is. There are no witnesses to acts. Because of this, it is important to get help for this type of harassment as soon as possible. Talk to your CNA training instructor and offer evidence to the situation. If he is not able to handle the problem himself, he will know who can.
  • Be Alert- Provocation is a bully’s best offense. They often use provocative comments to get a response from you and to make you look like the bad guy. Be alert to this possibility and don’t engage in the conflict, no matter how irritated you become.
  • Take Action if Necessary- Often times bullies can be stopped if they believe you aren’t taking the bait or if they are caught by their superior. However, if you continue being harassed during CNA training, you may need to discuss legal action with your instructor. This type of exposure and punishment is often thought of as a last resort for many CNA training students, but one that generally stops bullying in its tracks.

Are you the victim of bullying? Make sure you know how to handle the situation correctly so you can complete your online CNA training in peace.

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