Passing the Skills Section of Your CNA Training Exam

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Are you ready for your CNA training skills test? This is the second portion of the state exam you will need to complete after you take CNA training, and it is vital to earning your certification. It will test you on the actual tasks you have learned how to complete during CNA training and will allow the state to see whether or not you are ready to become a CNA.




During your exam, you will be asked to completed three different skills. These skills will be randomly chosen, so you must know and understand how to complete all of the skills you have learned throughout CNA training in order to be properly prepared. For most students, this is one of the most difficult parts of the actual exam, because they are judged in front of a state examiner who is in charge of determining whether or not the student actually gets to become a CNA and start on the road to their new career.


You don’t need to be anxious about this section of the CNA training exam, however. With the following tips, you can approach this part of the test calmly and pass it easily.


Passing Your CNA Training State Exam


  • Ask family members and friends to help you practice your skills. Many of the skills you have learned can be practiced on individuals, like giving partial baths, providing oral care, proving foot care, and feeding patients. Your fellow students can also help you with these skills, so you are prepared for the test. Take their vital signs, assist them in putting on a gown, or wash their face.


  • See if your instructor will allow you to check out certain supplies from the classroom inventory. In some cases, certain items, like basins and blood pressure equipment can be used outside of the classroom for practice purposes. If you can’t take these items out of your classroom, improvise. A bowl or bucket will work well for a basin when you are practicing certain CNA training skills.


  • Ask for help if you need it. Your instructor is there to make sure you understand everything you need to before you are tested and sent out into the world as a CNA. Take the time to ask questions if you are having trouble. If you are afraid to ask for help, you may be hurting your chances of performing the skill correctly both in the classroom and outside of it.


  • When you go in for your test, there are three simple rules you need to remember. The first is to breathe. The second is to always wash your hands. You aren’t going to get in trouble for washing your hands too much. The third is to admit when you know you’ve done something wrong. You can actually win back points if you inform your instructor of your mistake and let them know how you should have performed the skill instead.


Make Sure You Pass Your CNA Training Test


The skills portion of your CNA training test is perhaps the most nerve-wracking, but it is extremely important. Make sure you pass this test by using three simple words: practice, practice, practice. It really does make perfect, and can help you when you finish CNA training.

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