Patient Behavoirs You May Not Like After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you finish CNA training and begin working in a medical facility, you will begin to care for many different patients. Each patient will have their own unique needs, abilities, and personalities, and it will be your job after CNA training to provide the best care for those patients, whether your personalities are similar or clash. This can be very difficult for many CNAs, as some patients can not only have clashing personalities, but can also be extremely picky. At times, after CNA training, you might feel as if you could make some of the activities these patients are prone to doing illegal.

And if you could, your list might just look like this after CNA training.

Patient Behaviors That Drive You Nuts After CNA Training

  • The ‘H’ Stands for Hospital- It never fails that at least once a week there is a patient that comes into your hospital with the idea that the ‘H’ stands for Hotel. They want the best room, private care, and they want you to be at their beck and call every time they have an itch. While you always do your best to provide the best care possible after CNA training, their constant needs sometimes keep you from help other patients that need you.
  • Internet Access- Many patients like to be a part of the diagnosis, and they use the internet to help them. While internet sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic can be extremely informative, they are in no way a replacement for a good CNA, a professional nurse, and a knowledgeable doctor.
  • Liar, Liar- Some patients are embarrassed, others simply don’t realize how much a lie could cost them, and others just don’t want you to know the whole truth. After CNA training, it will be part of your job to help your health team uncover the truth about a patient’s injury or illness so it can be properly treated.
  • Abusing the Light- Call lights are placed in patient rooms for a reason. Patients can use them to alert you to any need they have. When Mrs. Jones in room 322 keeps pressing her call light so you can get her something within her reach, it can become quite annoying.
  • Not Using the Light- On the other end of the spectrum, you will have patients that don’t want to use the call light at all after CNA training. Instead, they send their family members to hunt you down while you are caring for other patients.
  • Mrs. Grabby- While some inappropriate fondling can be blamed on the medications a patient is taking, it is still never a fun time when an 72 year old woman grabs your bottom while you are trying to change her sheets.
  • Mean- After CNA training, you will find that it is medically necessary for some patients to go without food and water for short periods of time. This is often done before and after surgery to prevent aspiration and vomiting caused by anesthesia. Still, some patients may see you as “mean” or “cold hearted” when you enforce these doctor’s orders.

You are going to come in contact with many different types of patients through the years. While some may seem like they are there to make your life miserable, it is important to remember they need your help just as much as any other patient after CNA training.


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