Pay Scale for Nurses: How Much Does an Orthopedic Nurse Make?

pay scale for nursesCNA training can help you establish a solid foundation in the health care industry. Being a health care assistant gives you a chance to understand how to care for your patients and how to address problems efficiently and correctly. But it may not offer everything you want for your career. If this is the case, you may decide to become a nurse.

Becoming a nurse involves a bit of education, time and commitment. However, it also involves a bit of planning. There are many different nursing specialties you can choose from when you become an RN, and understanding the job duties of each specialty and the expected pay can help you make a wise decision.

Consider orthopedic nurses, for instance. Nurses in this specialty are responsible for caring for individuals who have certain diseases and disorders that affect their musculoskeletal systems. This can include genetic malformations, joint replacements, osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis and broken bones.

Orthopedic Nurse: Job Duties

As an orthopedic nurse, you’ll be expected to:

  • Help physicians create treatment plans for patient recovery, mobility and strength
  • Educated patients and their families on musculoskeletal diseases, prevention, treatments and symptoms to watch out for
  • Assist doctors in the operating room when musculoskeletal issues require surgery for repairs

This type of job requires patients, organization and the ability to work with patients on a regular basis. Becoming an orthopedic nurse requires the same skills. In order to begin working under this specialty, you’ll need to become a certified registered nurse first. Once you’ve earned your degree and passed the NCLEX-RN, you then must work two years as a registered nurse. You’ll need to accumulate at least 1,000 hours working in an orthopedic nursing practice as an RN.

After this, you can take the Orthopedic Nurse Certification test and earn the credentials ONC (Certified Orthopedic Nurse.) If you discover that you like being an orthopedic nurse, but still want to further your career even more, you can continue your education and earn your graduate degree from an APRN nursing program. The degree should prepare you to become a nurse practitioner. After this, you’ll need to work 1,500 hours at least as an ONC nurse. If you skipped the ONC step, you can work as a nurse practitioner in an orthopedic practice for at least 2,500 to fulfill the same requirements. The ONP-C test is then available for you to take. If you pass it, you will become an orthopedic nurse practitioner.

Pay Scale for Nurses: Orthopedic Nurse

As a certified orthopedic nurse, you can expect to earn about $50,868 a year, according to This is only an average, however, and nurses in this specialty have reported earning as much as $41 per hour.

Orthopedic nurse practitioners tend to earn almost twice that amount, with an average of $102,000 a year, according to

Are you looking for a rewarding and well-paying career? When it comes to pay scale for nurses, those in the orthopedic specialty earn an excellent salary.

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