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Pay Scale for Nurses: Long Term Care Nurse | CNA Training Class

Pay Scale for Nurses: Long Term Care Nurse

pay scale for nursesDo you have a passion for caring for those with disabilities? Are some of your best friends those that are older than you? Do you feel a need to care for those who cannot care for themselves? If so, long term care may be the nursing specialty of your dreams. This type of job is multifaceted and requires individuals who want to work with patients and who can work independently without a lot of instruction.

Job Duties for Long Term Care Nurses

As a long term care nurse, you’ll be responsible for a number of duties. You may need to:

  • Care for young and elderly individuals with disabilities
  • Care for individuals with injuries or illnesses that require extended care
  • Educate families and patients on medical conditions
  • Monitor the health of patients
  • Perform life-saving techniques
  • Sort and distribute proper medications to patients
  • Carefully follow each patients’ care plan as set forth by their doctor

In some cases, you’ll be assisted by health care assistants who have completed CNA training. These individuals will assist and care for patients as well, helping them with day-to-day activities like taking baths, dressing and changing bed linen. If you have the help of health care assistants, they will be your eyes and ears on the floor, letting you know of any changes to a patient’s mental or physical status immediately.

Sometimes, however, you must take on the role of health care assistant along with your other duties. You’ll be responsible for assisting with activities of daily living, as well as focusing on patient health.

While the life of a long term care nurse is fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming, it is equally rewarding. You often care for the same patients until they pass away, giving you a chance to really bond with them. It can be rewarding in other ways as well, especially when it comes to pay scale for nurses.

Pay Scale for Nurses: Long Term Care

The annual salary of a long term care nurse varies greatly depending on the education level and the position of the nurse. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs,) for instance, earn an average annual salary of $44,791 according to Salary.com. A Registered Nurse (RN,) on the other hand, earns an average of $64,857 according to the same site.

Advance nursing areas, like RNs who hold the title of nurse manager, can earn even more. Salary.com states their median annual income is often around $73,659.

These numbers vary greatly depending on other factors as well, like experience, location, performance and the addition of bonuses.

Pay Scale for Nurses: Are you Ready for Long Term Care?

If you enjoy the idea of helping others, long term care nursing may be the right specialty for you. It is not only mentally and spiritually rewarding, but it can be financially as well. Keep reading this blog to learn more about different specialties available to you as a nurse and pay scale for nurses for each one.

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