Personal Hygiene And Appearance For CNA’s

Appearance is not one of the things they teach in CNA training classes. How a Certified Nursing Assistant maintains their own personal hygiene is a reflection on how he or she will maintain the personal hygiene of those in his or her care. Proper dress and personal maintenance is required of all people in any profession. It is always best to look one’s best and to dress accordingly at the workplace. This is very important for certified nursing assistants even more than in other professions. Proper personal hygiene and personal upkeep is paramount.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately to perform your job as a certified nursing assistant. It is required for nurse’s aides and other hospital personnel to wear scrubs. Depending on your employer you may have to wear a specific color or style but under any case scrubs are the staple for certified nursing assistants and other clinical workers in a hospital or long term care facility. Make sure to purchase enough scrubs so that you will always have a clean set to wear to work. There are many stores that offer scrubs and accessories for relatively affordable prices. Wash and press your scrubs for a neat appearance as wrinkles are unprofessional.

For those who have problems with their legs, especially when on their feet for long periods,  investing in compression hosiery to relieve calf and thigh pain from long periods of standing is highly recommended. Your footwear should be comfortable and sturdy. Open toed shoes are usually not allowed in many working environments. However, clog style nursing shoes are available and should be worn at all times with socks. Making sure that you wear the clothing that is both required and comfortable will enable you to perform you job as a certified nursing assistant with ease.

Maintaining personal hygiene really should be a part of any CNA training class, and should be something that is a goal for everyone regardless of one’s profession. Certified nursing assistants however are in the business of maintaining the daily well being of others so it is imperative that they show they are capable of maintaining their own hygiene. Take a shower or bath everyday as emitting offensive odors is not healthy nor do co-workers or your patients who share close spaces with you want to smell an unpleasant scent. Avoid wearing powerful perfumes or colognes that can make your patients nauseous or sick. Make sure to wash your hair and brush your teeth also just as you would do for the patients you care for each day. Keep you hair in a style that will make it easy to do your work. Remember you have to feed, clothe and assist patients all day you don’t want your hair to get caught on a patient’s buttons or worse end up in your patient’s food. Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and free from dirt. Avoid wearing long nails either real or faux as they can collect germs and bacteria especially during the changing or cleaning of a patient after urination or defecation. Keep the amount of jewelry to a minimum and make sure it will not become caught on anything while handling a patient. Make yourself an example of exemplary personal hygiene each and everyday.

CNA training is intended to teach the skills needed in patient care. But taking the time to ensure that you are properly dressed and have a high level of hygiene will show that as a certified nursing assistant you are capable of maintaining the daily hygiene of a person in your care.

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