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cna trainingFree CNA Training

 To become a CNA in Wisconsin, nursing assistants must undergo at least 120 hours of CNA training with 32 hours of clinical practice. After taking this CNA training, students must complete and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Test given by the state within a year. Once completed, nursing assistants are certified by the state and are eligible for employment in federally run nursing facility, state licensed medical facilities, and hospitals.


As a CNA, you will responsible for providing basic daily and medical care for a variety of different patients, including those who are sick, injured, and elderly. Does this sound like a job you might be interested in? If so, you are in luck. Wisconsin offers many state approved CNA training programs you can take at absolutely no cost. Read on to find out where you can obtain your free CNA training in this state.

Free CNA Training in Wisconsin


  • High Schools- Wisconsin, like many other states in the country, recognizes the important of preparing high school students for life after graduation, especially those who do not plan to or wish to go to college. For this reason, many of the public schools and vocational schools in the state offer free CNA training to student who wish to begin their career right out of high school. This training is available to students at no additional cost to their tuition.
  • Job Corps- Two different Job Corps locations are available in Wisconsin. The first is located in Milwaukee, and the second in Blackwell. If you are unemployed and are running out of options career-wise, Job Corps may be the best solution for you. They provide you with accommodations, a living allowance, and the CNA training you need to begin your new career as a nursing assistant.
  • Workforce Advantage- Out of work? The U.S. government provides many avenues for individuals who are struggling to find a job and begin their new career. One such avenue is the Workforce Advantage. Job centers are located all over the state; to find one in your area, visit this website.
  • Nursing Homes- While nursing homes often provide no CNA training themselves, many will often pay for you to take CNA training at another facility. Most will provide you with everything you need for the classes, including scrubs, textbooks, and tuition. Some will reimburse you for the time you spent in class or for your transportation costs. If necessary, many will allow you to work as a nursing assistant, housekeeper, or dietary aide while you are taking your CNA training, so you don’t have to worry about your employment interfering with your class schedule.
  • Military- If you served in any branch of the military or you were part of the reserves, you may be able to use your military benefits to obtain free CNA training in Wisconsin. Contact your benefits administrator to see if you can obtain tuition assistance. Often, this assistance is enough to pay for any tuition, fees, and expenses required for the classes.


Obtain Your Free CNA Training Today!


If becoming a certified nursing assistant sounds like a job you would love to have, and you live in Wisconsin, take advantage of the many no-cost options they have for CNA training.



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