Positions you can Hold After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

If you’re looking for a career where you can utilize your compassionate skills to take care of others, CNA training may be for you. This is a rewarding program and career that will allow you to provide for the basic needs of patients and residents in health care settings.

Sound promising? As a CNA, you’ll be able to find employment in a number of locations throughout your local area, state, and America. In fact, you may even be able to find employment outside of the United States!

If you’re considering CNA training as an option for your future, take a look at what you where you could find yourself when choosing this career.

Career Options After CNA Training

  • Help at Home- You can work with patients directly in their home. You can either do this through a medical agency, like Home Health, or you can take care of your patients through private care. You’ll help them with their basic needs, such as preparing meals, bathing, and toileting, but you may also be asked to monitor their vital signs and do some light housekeeping.
  • Assisted Living- Assisted living facilities aren’t nursing homes. In these facilities, patients often live by themselves or with a roommate in an apartment-like setting. These patients are often capable of doing many things on their own, but may require your help for some things after CNA training. You’ll need to help residents with meals, bathing, and housekeeping.
  • Nursing Homes- Nursing homes are often one of the easiest places for CNAs to find work, because they are almost always in need of individuals who have graduated from CNA training. In a nursing home, you’ll need to help patients with long term care. They will often be completely dependent on your assistance, and will require 24 hour care. You’ll work under the supervision of an LPN or RN in this facility after CNA training, and will be responsible for reporting any concerns about patients directly to them.
  • Hospitals- Many hospitals hire those who finish CNA training to work under the supervision of nurses. Depending on the amount of CNA training and experience you have, you may work in certain areas of the hospital, like the maternity ward, emergency room, or oncology. The specific area of the hospital you work in will determine the tasks you are asked to complete.
  • Daycare Centers- While unusual, it isn’t unheard of for daycare centers to look specifically for the help of CNAs. CNAs are often wonderful for working with special needs children, and many daycare centers will hire them simply because they have medical experience and CPR certification. These qualifications make daycares want to hire CNAs after CNA training because they create a safer environment for the children.

Working After CNA Training

Are you ready to begin taking care of others and working as a CNA after CNA training? There are many options on where you can do this. Choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle after CNA training.

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