PPE and CNA Training: What it is and How to Use it

cna trainingDuring CNA training, you will learn that there is a wide range of equipment you must learn how to use in order to properly care for your patients. PPE, or personal protective equipment are vital pieces of equipment that help you, your patients, and everyone else in the health care facility stay safe and free from infection.


There are several types of PPE, and you will learn about each one during CNA training. CNA training will also provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to use each of these important PPE.


After CNA Training: What are PPE?


In the medical setting and in CNA training, there are several different types of personal protective equipment, including:


  • Gloves- During CNA training, one of the most common pieces of PPE you will use is gloves. Gloves can be made from nitrile rubber or vinyl and essential pieces of equipment to wear when you need to touch bodily fluids or infectious material. Gloves are generally designed to be used once and thrown away.


  • Gowns- Gowns are generally made from thin waterproof fabric and can be used only once. You will lean during CNA training that gloves can be worn over your uniform to protect you from bodily fluids. However, they may also be used if a patient is in isolation to prevent your clothing from passing on dangerous microorganisms that could cause infections.


  • Face- There are a two different types of protection for the face: goggles and masks. Goggles are worn over the eyes and prevent bodily fluids or infectious agents from splashing into your eyes. Mask are worn over the mouth and nose for the same reason.


Putting on PPE After CNA Training


Putting on your protective equipment isn’t random. It must be done in a certain order. During CNA training, you will be shown exactly how to put on and take off your equipment to prevent the spread of infection.


  • Unfold your gown and hold it in such a way that the open is facing you. Put your arms in the sleeves and tie the gown at your waist and neck.


  • Take your facial protection and fit it snuggly over your face. Your goggles and masks should be secure, but they should not interfere with your vision or prevent you from breathing.


  • Put on your gloves. This step should always be taken last when you put on your PPE. Make sure the gloves fit well and cover your wrist enough that they can be placed over your gown.


Taking Off Your PPE After CNA Training


  • Remove your gloves by grasping and pulling the outer portion of the glove near the wrist with your opposite hand. With the hand that is still gloved, ball the glove you just removed into your hand. Place two finger under the inside portion of the remaining glove at the wrist and pull down.


  • Until the gown at the waist and neck. Then, grasp your gown at the neck and pull down. This will make the sleeves turn inside out and you will be able to ball up the gown, only touching the inside that was against your body.


  • Remove your mask and goggles.


One you have completed all of these steps, make sure to throw away the PPE in the proper receptacle. Then, wash your hands and your wrists thoroughly as you learned how to do in CNA training.

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