Preparing for CNA Training: Finding Scrubs for Women

cna trainingCNA Training

Your first day of CNA training is almost here, and you can’t wait to begin your classes. You’ve purchased notebook paper, pens, pencils, binders, and even the mentholated rub you can put under your nose to keep from smelling anything bad. Your last stop before beginning CNA training (and the rest of your life) is finding the perfect pair of scrubs to wear. This isn’t always easy; everyone is made differently, and some scrubs won’t look at good on some individuals as others.



Determine Your Body Type Before CNA Training


In order to determine which type of scrubs you need to purchase for CNA training, you first need to consider what body type you have. There are four body types, and each one requires a different kind of clothing than the other.


  • Body Type 1: Large chest with wide or broad shoulders (Apple)


  • Body Type 2: Narrow shoulders with wider hips and thighs (Pear)


  • Body Type 3: Athletic build, with a narrow torso and fairly slim shape (Banana, straight, or tube)


  • Body Type 4: Curves in both the bust and the hips, but a narrow waist (Hourglass)


These are the most common body shapes for women, and before CNA training, it is important to understand which body type you have so you can dress appropriately. Remember, while each body type is different, there are several different scrubs that can give you a flattering, yet professional, look for your CNA training.


Find the Best Scrubs for CNA Training


  • Apple- If you have the first body type, or apple body type, you need to make sure you steer clear of tight tops. Your busty figure will not only make these types of tops uncomfortable to wear, but won’t look good. Instead, opt for a well fitted V-neck mock-wrap when you enter CNA training. Make sure your scrubs are made with darker colors and avoid prints.


  • Pear- If you have a pear shape and are looking for scrubs for CNA training, choose printed scrub tops and layer with hip-length jackets. You can also combine the jacket with a scoop-neck or boatneck, as long as they are solid. Solid pants are a must as well.


  • Banana- If you are looking for a pair of scrubs as you enter CNA training for the first time, and you have a banana body type, you are in luck. This body type works fantastically with prints and embellishments. Go all out with details on your tops and don’t hesitate to layer as much as you want. To finish off your look, try a pair of solid flared scrub pants.


  • Hourglass- Hourglass shapes require a mixture of styles. When you are looking for scrubs before CNA training, try scoop tees or V-neck wrap tops. For pants, both straight leg and flared will look great. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to wear prints you need to choose small ones for your CNA training scrubs.


Are you ready for CNA training? Make sure you are wearing flattering scrubs that will compliment your body type, instead of working against it and enjoy your new professional look during CNA training.


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