Preventing Medical Errors After CNA Training

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No one likes to admit they make mistakes. Unfortunately, making mistakes is part of human nature; everyone does it. When you work in the medical field after CNA training, however, making mistakes can be costly. You may not be able to provide the care your patients need or your patients may be seriously harmed because an error. While you may be ashamed of the errors you make after CNA training, if you do make a mistake you need to learn how to admit it and fix it quickly to protect the lives of your patients.


If you have been fortunate enough to avoid making any mistakes since you finished your CNA training, or even if you’ve already made several mistakes, you also need to understand how to prevent these errors from occurring.


How to Prevent Errors After CNA Training


The majority of mistakes that occur after CNA training occur when CNAs are:


  • Too tired
  • Are interrupted or distracted
  • Under pressure or stress
  • In a hurry


Here are a few ways to prevent these mistakes from occurring after CNA training.


  • Get Enough Sleep- Getting at least eight hours of sleep each night can help you avoid being tired when you are caring for patients and reduce the number of errors you make each day. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially when your days are filled with caring for your family, work, and household tasks. Do your best to use time management skills (setting goals, creating deadlines) so you can have the time to get the sleep you need after CNA training.


  • Avoid Distractions- When you are caring for patients after CNA training, make sure you avoid distractions and interruptions that can prevent you from paying close attention to your patients. Make sure proper lighting is available, don’t talk to others while you are working, and leave your cell-phone in the break room.


  • Learn How to Handle Stress- Working in the health care field after CNA training can be extremely stressful. Not only do you have to deal with your everyday life, but you also have the lives of your patients in your hands each day. It can be difficult to juggle it all and still remain sane. The trick is to manage your stress before it becomes so consuming it controls your every move. Find out what your stress is caused by and see if you can get rid of the source. If you can’t, find a way to deal with it. If making sure dinner is on the table each night is too much for you to handle, see if your family members can help you prepare a few meals in advance before you start your workweek. Don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole after CNA training by saying yes. Even if your employer asks you to work an extra shift on your day off, saying yes when you know it will cause you additional stress is going to take its toll.


  • Take Your Time- When you are working with patients after CNA training, it can sometimes be difficult to perform all of your tasks during your shift. As a result, you might rush through the easiest duties. Avoid this if you don’t want to make mistakes. Remember what you were taught in your CNA training class and take the time to perform each task as it should be done. Even simple things like identifying your patient, introducing yourself, and washing your hands are vital to your patient’s health and safety.

Avoid Mistakes After CNA Training


If you want to avoid making mistakes after CNA training, make sure you get enough sleep, take your time when performing your daily tasks, reduce your stress, and avoid distractions. This will ensure you are able to provide your patients with the care they need after CNA training.

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