Pro's And Con's Of Online CNA Training

By Melanie Ullman
If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already decided to pursue CNA training. The big question then is how to do it. Distance learning, studying online, and getting your degree or certificate “remotely”, is increasingly becoming a choice over campus programs. More and more people are getting their education online because of the huge benefits it presents, and most of the programs offered are “in demand” courses where finding a job after graduation would be easy. Online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs are one of the more popular online training programs available. Online CNA programs offer training for students who wants to be a nursing assistant – routine or live-in nurses who offer their services to bedridden or disabled patients.

While the Red Cross CNA classes remain popular, they simply don’t have enough locations or classes to accommodate all those looking to become nurse assistants. This has led to increasing enrollment in online certification programs. Fortunately, there are excellent online alternatives to the Red Cross CNA training, including free CNA training online.

A nursing assistant’s tasks may include bathing and dressing up their patients, helping patients turn in bed to avoid bedsores, conducting a patient’s exerce routine, feeding a patient, changing sheets and cleaning patients rooms. With the CNA’s heavy responsibilities on the job, is taking up an Online Certified Nursing Assistant Program enough to prepare students for the tough job ahead, or is on-campus learning still a better choice?


Taking up your classes online gives a lot of benefits for busy students like you. For one, online certified nursing assistant program schedules are extra flexible; they can be taken anytime since the learning process is asynchronous (a student doesn’t have to be online in the same time with a professor’s web cast) and you can take things at your own pace. What’s more beneficial is that a student can actually cut or extend his total training hours depending on how he handles activities, which is good for students aiming to graduate as soon as possible. This feature is only unique to these certain types of programs. Another advantage would be that being online provides an infinite source of information for students on all that medical research their curriculum would require from them.


Although the benefits of being online seem too great for students, there are also great disadvantages to being a student of an online certified nursing assistant program. For one, direct interaction between the professor and student rarely take place, since online learning follows asynchronous processes. This means that any clarification for lectures might take some time to be resolved. Although online CNA programs promote the use of forums for inquiries, people do not always contribute the right information. Another major flaw in the program is that seventy percent of the students that graduate from it perform less well on the field than students coming from Universities that follow the traditional On-Campus training. Federal nurse aide training regulations require students to have a total of fifty hours of lessons and theories, and a total of a hundred hours on the field training.

In light on all of this, it really just depends on the student on which he thinks he can perform well. Hardworking busybodies should take up online programs like these for the extra flexible schedule, while students who are already used to campus training should stick to it. After all, nothing beats the experiences you get out of being a university student.

As you consider your options for CNA training, be sure to keep in mind the pro’s and con’s. That said, however you get your certificate, you will have achieved a major accomplishment and will be well on your way to one of the most rewarding careers anyone can have!

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