Qualities Needed To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant encompasses more than the technical abilities obtained through CNA training classes. A person should possess particular character traits that are vital to performing the job of a certified nursing assistant as efficiently and compassionately as possible.

One of the most important character traits needed as a nurse’s aide is thoroughness. The ability to be dependable and reliable cannot be underestimated in this job. An employer will count on you to show up for work for your scheduled shift or any additional overtime shifts that you have committed yourself to. Failure to be prompt can leave patients without the proper care and hospitals and nursing homes even more understaffed.

Being thorough also is a benefit when caring for patients. Making sure to clean your patient’s body and change dressings and bandages and bed linen thoroughly will ensure the comfort of you patient and prevent unnecessary disease and infection. Being a person that someone can count on from the littlest to the most major of circumstances is crucial.

Certified nursing assistants should also possess a considerable amount of patience. In this job you are dealing with people who need the assistance of others for a variety of reasons. They are counting on people to understand that they can’t perform certain tasks and need the additional help to live their lives. CNAs are trained how to take of people but the ability to be patient is something that must be developed if it is not a quality that is innately possessed. There are patients who have difficulties explaining what they need or want directly because of speech or mental impairments. Similarly, the elderly and disabled may have mobility problems that require that they walk or move slowly. As a CNA you have to develop the understanding that the patient’s pace is different from your own and you are there to aid the patient at their level not yours. Patience is by far one the most important assets you can possess as a nurse’s aide.

Being tactful is definitely required in the nursing profession. Your patients will not always be in the best mood; nor will some of them be as appreciative as you may feel they should be, but as a nursing assistant it is required that you always remain cordial. There are ways to get your patient to complete exercises or to move to assist in changing bed linens without being abrasive. You should never replicate the any negative behavior that is presented to you. This is not to say that you have to be a patient’s mental, emotional or physical punching bag. As a nurse’s aide you must develop the ability to express your concerns in the most suave, civil and respectable way possible.

CNA training classes can give you the technical ability and understanding to perform the job of nurse assistant. Developing or possessing the above qualities and many other favorable traits will be of great help to the depth of your personal character and work as a certified nursing assistant.

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    Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant encompasses more than the technical abilities obtained through CNA training classes….

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