Reaching For Goals After CNA Training

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Do you ever feel as if you’re simply coasting through life, like everything you do is simply automatic? Do you feel complacent about your CNA training, your career, and even your home life? You work a shift and can barely remember the details of the day. If so, you may be on autopilot. While this affliction may not seem dangerous or even worthy of your attention, it is actually a serious problem.

Why? Because when you are on autopilot, you aren’t living your life. You’re simply a part of it. You don’t reach for your goals, make changes, or experience things the way you should. Instead, you just stay in the same place, doing the same thing, day after day. This can not only become tedious, boring, and lead to burnout after CNA training, but it can keep you from advancing your career. So, what do you do if you find yourself stuck on autopilot? Here are just a few options.

Avoiding Autopilot After CNA Training

  • Recognize it- While it’s normal for us to want to feel comfortable with our job and our surroundings after CNA training, becoming too comfortable and familiar with these situations can indicate you’re on autopilot. The first step in getting out of this complacency zone is recognizing when you’re in it.
  • Small Steps- Once you recognize that you’ve been running on autopilot after CNA training, avoid doing anything drastic to change it. Change that occurs too fast can quickly put you in a place where you don’t want to be. It can lead to burnout and make you feel as if you might have chosen the wrong career.
  • Commit- Instead of automatically making a drastic change, simply commit to one. If you’ve become complacent in your career after CNA training, try committing to taking some additional courses or even committing to enrolling in nursing school. You don’t have to do it right now, you simply have to want to do it. Remember- small steps.
  • Begin Taking Steps- Once you’ve committed to taking small steps to improve your life after CNA training, begin taking them. Don’t move too fast, but begin building momentum. Sign up for one continued CNA training class. Once you’ve taken that, sign up for another. Visit your local college and talk to an admission’s counselor about enrolling for your nursing degree. Talk to individuals who have furthered their career and find out what steps they took. Update your resume. Mark your calendar.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone After CNA Training

If you feel as if you’ve become complacent after CNA training, it’s time to do something and make a change. These changes don’t have to be automatic or hurried, but they do have to happen. Reach for your dreams, goals, and wishes; don’t let ‘being comfortable’ keep you from living your life or realizing your true potential after CNA training. Get yourself off of autopilot and begin experiencing thing so you can step away from the danger zone and toward a more fulfilling life after CNA training.

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