Relieve Dry Skin After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

During and after CNA training, there is going to be one habit and skill that will need to be completed multiple times a day: washing your hands. On top of this, the majority of your days will be filled with putting on and taking off gloves, some with powder that can further dry out your hands and an environment that can only be described as “dry”. At the end of the day, your hands will most likely look like someone has rubbed them down with sandpaper.




After CNA training, this can be a problem. Dry, cracked skin is prone to infection, which can impact your health and the health of your patients. When you finish CNA training, though, you can’t avoid these problems; they are a part of your job and are necessary for protecting and caring for your patients.


While you can’t avoid these issues, you can deal with them by investing in some hand lotions and moisturizers that can help repair your skin and hands.

After CNA Training: Top Lotions to Use


All lotions are not created equal. Before you go out and purchase a bottle of discount lotion, take a look at this list of top lotions to use for your dry skin after CNA training.


  • Eucerin Hand Cream®- This hand cream is excellent during winter as it provides the moisture your hands need after CNA training, without leaving them greasy. The lotion can be use on babies’ dry skin, so you can rest assured you can use it even if you have sensitive skin.


  • Vaseline Intensive Care®- Vaseline® products have been around for years, and there’s a reason for it. These lotions are reliable; you don’t have to worry about whether they are capable of repairing your dry, cracked skin after CNA training because their name automatically tells you they can. The lotion has a light, enjoyable fragrance and is perfect for maintaining healthy nails and skin.


  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula®- If you need intensive moisturizing cream after CNA training, this lotion is a fantastic option. It penetrate the skin, so when you have to wash your hands for the hundredth time, your skin still feels as if it is benefiting from the cream.


  • Philosophy Pure Grace Lotion®- While most medical facilities discourage the use of scents and perfumes after CNA training, as they can be irritating to coworkers and patients, the scent from this lotion will be enjoyed by everyone because it is fresh and clean.


  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion®- The scent of a clean baby is a favorite among many, and nothing captures that scent more than Johnson’s®. Moisturize your hands and keep them from becoming chapped, dry, and cracked while taking advantage of a sweet and nostalgic scent.


Lotions to Use After CNA Training


Do you have a favorite lotion you like to use to keep your hands from becoming too dry after CNA training? If not, consider one of these and deal with the issues that are caused by dry hospital air, constant hand washing, and powdered gloves so you can care for patients and residents after CNA training.

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