Requesting Holiday Gifts From Your Employer After CNA Training

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It’s been the same way every November since you completed your CNA training; even though Thanksgiving day hasn’t even arrived, your medical facility is already beginning to resemble a Miracle on 34th Street. And that’s alright; you love Christmas and the holiday season.


It’s this time of year when people begin thinking about what they need, what they want, and what they are willing to give others. When it comes to hinting about the perfect present to your friends and family, you may be an expert. However, when it comes to your boss, asking for that holiday bonus or a pay raise to celebrate the Yuletide season isn’t easy. Sometimes hinting doesn’t work, and you need to just say it outright.


If you have decided it is time to ask your boss for what you want and need after CNA training, this holiday season may be the perfect time. Before you do anything, however, you need to make sure you have a plan and carry it out to the letter.


Asking for the Perfect Christmas Gift After CNA Training


  • Timing- If you want your boss to take you seriously after CNA training when you are ready to ask for your Christmas or holiday gift, you need to have impeccable timing. Think about when your boss is in the best mood. If he is forgetful, make sure you ask him at a time when he isn’t so busy he forgets to write it down; if he’s busy, wait for a moment when you really have a chance to talk to him. Although you might find this difficult after CNA training because working in the health care industry can be chaotic, it is well worth the wait. Also, consider asking right after you have done them a favor or made them look good in some way; ask immediately though because your heroic efforts will soon be forgotten if you wait a day or a week.


  • Numbers- Have you ever heard the phrase “There is strength in numbers?” Sometimes, although not always, it can be helpful to enroll the assistance of other individuals who have also completed CNA training. However, this only works in certain circumstances, like when you feel like you are not receiving something that is required by law. If you are simply requesting two extra vacation days a year, it is better to go it alone after CNA training.


  • Money- Want a raise or a holiday bonus after CNA training? Your facility may not be able to afford to give these to everyone, so don’t try to pressure them into it by gathering your coworkers together. Instead, keep those conversations private. And, whether you receive what you ask for this Christmas or not, keep the information to yourself.


  • Schedules- If you are due for your annual review, don’t let it be overlooked! After CNA training, this review is the best way to show your boss how much you have done and how much you have improved over the last year.


Holidays and CNA Training


Although Thanksgiving is still a couple days away, now is the time to prepare to ask your boss about the holiday present he will be giving you. Use these tips to ensure you receive exactly what you want for Christmas after CNA training.

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