Secrets of the Hospital CNA Training Graduate

cna trainingWe receive a lot of feedback from CNA training graduates and every once in a while we like to post a compilation of their complaints, confessions, and stories. This is one of those posts, so get ready! Over the past two years we’ve been saving thoughts, confessions and “little secrets” from CNA training graduates who work in the hospital setting. Better than a reality show, here’s some insights into the often thankless job of the CNA training graduate.

CNA Training GraduateĀ  Secret Thoughts and Confessions

  • Reading Between the Lines. If we feel your doctor is incompetent, we’re not going to tell you that. But you really should learn to read between the lines. If a CNA training graduate or other nursing staff says, “You have the right to a second opinion,” trust us and get one.
  • When you hit the call button every fifteen minutes for no good reason, I’ll come in with a smile on my face every single time. But I have to vent to someone, so you’re likely to get a reputation at the nurse’s station. This may or may not affect how you’re treated by the next shift of nurses or CNA training graduates.
  • Sometimes we lie, and it’s really to save you from additional anxiety (because we care). If you ask a CNA training graduate if they’ve ever seen anyone recover from this type of illness, ever seen a wound so horrible, we’re likely to cheerfully say yes, even if the answer is no. We care about our patients and we don’t want them to be unnecessarily upset or worried.

More Thoughts From the CNA Training Graduate

  • You’re life is in our hands, literally. It’s not the doctor who notices your changes in breathing, your reaction to medication or lack of medical clarity, –it’s us, the CNA training graduates. We spend hours in your room every day and it’s our job to notice even the little things. If you’re having trouble, we’re generally the first responders.
  • Often, a CNA training graduate is looked at as the lowest man on the totem pole as far as medical staffing goes. This hurts our feelings. It’s often a thankless job that we do. We see families thanking the doctors and the RN’s endlessly, but we are the ones showering, feeding and helping your loved ones in the bathroom. We’re the ones changing their bedding, making sure they are turned regularly. We do the down-and-dirty part of nursing and we’re often the “clean up crew.” A little thanks from the family really makes our day and we often wish people would see that.
  • We listen to your secrets and keep them to ourselves. Did you know it’s often the CNA training graduate who hears the family arguments, convinces the patient to make amends with his estranged parents, or listens to the details and memories of a dying patient’s life journey. We are the eyes and the ears of the hospital.

As a CNA training graduate, you’ll have your fair share of frustrations, but you’ll have your triumphant moments and fond memories as well. We hoped you enjoyed our confessions and secrets of the hospital CNA.

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