Should you be Shamed into Hand-washing After CNA Training?

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We all learn how important hand-washing is when we’re studying in our CNA training classes. We learn that hand-washing is the number one tool we can use to fight against diseases and illnesses in the workplace. It not only protects us from contracting illnesses after CNA training, but it also helps to prevent the spread of disease and sickness from patient to patient.

Washing your hands is pretty easy, although it does take a bit of time after CNA training- about two rounds of ‘Happy Birthday.’ The problem is, sometimes you might not have an extra minute to wash your hands or wash them correctly. Sometimes your day may be so swamped that you feel as if you have to rush right though the normal and necessary parts of your day.

This isn’t good. No matter how insane and chaotic your shift is, when you work with patients after CNA training, hand-washing isn’t optional. Unfortunately, many CNAs try to get away with no washing their hands, or they simple forget to do so in the chaos of their routine.

Because of this, many hospitals are now attempting to do something about it. No, they aren’t having another in-service where they lecture you for an hour about the importance of hand-washing. Instead, they are utilizing technology to actually shame you into washing your hands when you need to wash them.

Washing Your Hands After CNA Training

Studies have shown that fewer than half of healthcare workers (including CNAs, nurses, and doctors,) wash their hands when they should. Two specific technological devices have been invented and are now being used to help workers remember to keep it clean.

  • Biovigil- This is a badge that some hospitals are using that helps remind CNAs, doctors, and nurses to wash their hands. This badge is helpful after CNA training, because it displays a yellow light and chirps each time the individual wearing it enters a patient’s room. This acts as a great reminder for CNAs after CNA training, as it alerts them to the fact that they haven’t washed their hands yet. It also alerts the patient that this important detail has been overlooked. If you don’t wash your hands, despite the reminder/warning, the light will turn red to remind you further. That’s not all the badge does though; hospitals love to use it because it collects data on the level of hygiene each worker has, so sanitary records can be kept by the facility.
  • SwipeSense- This device isn’t as shameful as the first, but it still helps to combat the spread of germs in the workplace. This device clips to your scrubs after CNA training and dispenses hand sanitizer for you to use. While this isn’t great substitute for actually washing your hands, it can help protect you and your patients when you forget to take the time to do it.

Keep Clean After CNA Training

Do you always remember to wash your hands after CNA training? If not, you may benefit from one of these devices when you’re at work. However, they aren’t for everyone. So, what do you think? Should you be shamed into washing your hands? Do you find the idea of wearing one of these devices annoying, or do you appreciate the fact that hospitals are using them to help protect you and your patients from illnesses and disease after CNA training?

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