Should You Get a Flu Shot After CNA Training?

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If you’ve logged into Facebook, been to the supermarket, or had any kind of contact with the outside world in the last month, you know that everyone is dealing with the flu. It’s that time of year, after all. People are calling in sick to work, children are staying home from school, and those that can’t be bothered to stay home continue to spread the illness around.

After CNA training, you will be well-prepared to battle the flu. Your CNA training taught you exactly what to do to fight off this dreadful illness so you can get through the cold season without becoming another victim. You take precautions, like:

  • Constantly washing your hands
  • Using anti-bacterial alcohol gel
  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever you are dealing with patients
  • Spraying common areas and items, like door knobs and faucets, with disinfecting sprays
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising
  • Taking vitamins to boost your immune system, like Vitamin C

All in all, you should be fully prepared for the flu season. However, there may be one thing you are missing:

Your flu shot.

Getting a Flu Shot After CNA Training

In some medical facilities, having a flu shot is mandatory; there are no ifs, ands, or buts. In others however, you have a choice. If you work for the second type of facility after CNA training, what would your choice be? While some might argue that getting a flu shot is pointless, there are three good reasons you should consider having one this year.

Some Ammunition is Better Than None

While flu shots may not completely ensure you won’t get the flu after CNA training, it is important to remember these key points.

  • Flu bugs these days are more dangerous than they have ever been
  • If your body becomes susceptible to a bacterial infection, you are more likely to be susceptible to a viral one
  • Resistance to antibiotics is growing more and more every day.
  • There is no antibiotic treatment for some types of bacteria you may come across after CNA training.

You May be the Only One Paying Attention

While you may be conscious of avoiding the flu after CNA training, that doesn’t mean everyone else is. Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you saw someone leave the restroom without washing their hands? When did you last see another person cough or sneeze without covering their mouths? Not everyone has been through CNA training, not everyone is educated in issues related to health. For many washing hands has become something of the past, even though it is the BEST way to fight off both bacterial and viral infections.

Even when patients do try to take care of themselves by visiting the doctor, they often fail to take the full prescription they are given. As you will learn in CNA training, failing to take the full prescription is just as bad as taking too many.

You are Just Too Busy

Often times, we are just too busy these days to even think about getting sick. Then, when it happens, we are too busy to actually deal with it. After CNA training, your work and your personal life are going to take up much of your time, and while taking a pill once you become sick might sound easier, preventative medicine is sometimes your best bet.

Many individuals think they don’t need to get a flu shot after CNA training. If you want to avoid falling victim to this illness this season, don’t hesitate. Get your flu shot now and take advantage of preventive medicine after CNA training.

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