Six Problems You May Encounter With Online CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

For many, entering the medical field a nurse or a doctor requires too much time, effort, and money. These individuals want to be their careers immediately- they don’t want to have to live off ramen noodles for years while they study. The low cost and the short duration of CNA training has attracted many, especially because only a high school diploma or GED is required.


Some students, however, don’t have the time necessary for a traditional classroom setting because they are currently employed or don’t have the transportation they need to attend CNA training. For this reason, online CNA classes have become very popular. While these classes have their advantages, they also have a few problems that can make obtaining your CNA training certification a bit difficult.

Problems with Online CNA Training


  • Advanced Planning- With a traditional classroom, you can obtain set times for your CNA training. You are out of the home and in a class full of other students, so it is much easier to concentrate on the work at hand. With online CNA classes, however, you need advanced planning to ensure you have the time necessary for your work. You have to arrange for private time, inform your friends and family when they should not disturb you, and make sure there are no distractions that could prevent you from learning.
  • Hidden Costs- With a traditional CNA class, the costs you are expected to pay are explained up front. You pay for your tuition, books, and tools at the same time. With online CNA classes, there may be hidden costs you aren’t aware of. You may pay upfront for your tuition, but have to pay more later on for additional shipping of books and supplies. The online course may only provide the material you need, and you may have to purchase other supplies you need yourself.
  • Absence of Immediate Feedback- When you are taking online CNA training courses, your instructors may not always be online when you are doing your homework or taking tests. Instead of receiving feedback when you complete a quiz or assignment, you may have to wait hours or even days for any response.
  • You Might Need a Classroom- The purpose of an online course is to eliminate the need for traveling to the classroom. However, some courses will still require you to take your practical exams in an actual CNA classroom. This defeats the entire purpose.
  • Auditory Learners- If you are a student who learns best by hearing instructions and lessons, online CNA training could find this type of course difficult to complete. While some of the instruction will most likely be provided in video or sound clips, all of it will not.
  • Needing a Tutor- Teachers in a classroom are there to make sure you understand everything you are taught and to help you overcome any difficulties. So, what happens when your teachers are online and not available to you when you are doing your homework? If this is the case, you may need to hire a tutor to assist you during the time you have set aside for studying and learning CNA training skills. This will require not only additional money, but also would defeat the purpose of studying on your own.


Online CNA Training Isn’t for Everyone


Make sure you are prepared for all of the problems that could be associated with online CNA training before you decide it is right for you. Online courses aren’t for everyone, and you may find it easier to learn with traditional CNA training.



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