South Carolina CNA Training Certification Information

cna trainingCNA Training

Becoming employed as a CNA after CNA training in South Carolina will allow you to working under the watchful eyes of professional registered nurses and licensed practical nurses performing tasks that assist patients with daily activities such as grooming, eating, and bathing. While some states allow non-certified aides to perform these duties, in South Carolina you must attend an approved CNA training class and become certified. In order to do so, there are certain requirements you must meet.


Required Hours and CNA Training in South Carolina


Your first step toward becoming a CNA in South Carolina will be attending a CNA training program the state has deemed appropriate. This means the CNA training class will have an approved CNA training instructor, approved teaching methods and lesson plans, and approved hours.


In South Carolina, this will mean your CNA training program will need to provide you with at least 80 hours of classroom, lab, and clinical training under the supervision and direction of a registered nurse. Once you’ve finished all of these hours, you will be able to become certified. Of course, before you can be granted this certification, you must take the state test to show you have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a CNA.


Transferring CNA Training Certifications


If you have already completed CNA training in another state and move to South Carolina, you may be able to obtain your certification in this state without having to retake the exam or program. This is called reciprocity, and it involves an application to transfer your certification from your old state to South Carolina.


Once your application is received, the state board of nursing will review your experience and credentials to determine if you have met all of the requirements to work as a CNA in this state. If you are approved, you can begin working under your new certification immediately. If you are not, however, you may need to retake CNA training in South Carolina or retake the exam.


Renewing Your Certification


Every two years, it will be necessary for you to renew your CNA certification, as it will expire if you do not. This process involves receiving paperwork from your state board of nursing, which is typically sent to you a few months before your license expires, and completing all of the paperwork. You will need to submit the paperwork, provide documentation of your inservice training hours, and pay any fees that are necessary at this time. If you work for a private organization that is not Medicaid or Medicare certified, you will have to pay these fees; if your facility does have this certification, however, your employer will pay your renewal fees.


As with most states, you will have had to work at least 24 hours in the last year in order to be eligible for certification. For most CNAs, this isn’t a difficult task after CNA training unless they have been off work due to illness, personal problems, or job loss.



Becoming a CNA in the South Carolina will change your life and allow you to make a difference in the lives of your patients. However, you must make sure you are certified and attend the right CNA training.


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