Spring Cleaning: De-Cluttering Your Mind After CNA Training

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Each spring, thousands of individuals get out their dustpans, mops, and buckets and begin cleaning their homes from top to bottom; this is known to many as ‘spring cleaning.’ While your home may need a little de-cluttering this year, spring cleaning isn’t just for getting rid of those cobwebs in the attic. It’s also a time when we clean out any negative and unruly thoughts in our heads.

And let’s face it, after CNA training we tend to generate a lot more clutter than other professionals. Every day we fight death, second-guess our decisions, and agonize over ethics. Many of these issues cause so much stress we face burnout and compassion fatigue, which prevent us from performing our duties efficiently after CNA training.

This spring, don’t just concentrate on cleaning your home. De-clutter your mind as well by letting go of those issues that get in the way of your personal and professional life after CNA training.

What to Let Go After CNA Training

  • Let go of Obligations- Those that enter CNA training often have strong personalities. They tend to center their lives around their work and make commitments their bodies and minds simply can’t fulfill. While some obligations are good, too many commitments can take away from the time your mind and body needs to recover and rest from a hard day of work. Take some time to reevaluate what is most important to you, delegate what you can, and let go of the obligations that only clutter your life.
  • Let go of Bitterness- Difficult job assignments, disrespectful family members, unruly patients, and low pay can leave many feeling bitter after CNA training. However, this emotional clutter is addictive and one that can either be fed or starved; the choice is yours. Instead of hanging onto bitterness after CNA training, consider embracing forgiveness and putting yourself in another person’s shoes. A greater understanding of how they feel won’t erase hurtful moments, but it will free of that mental space and allow you to focus on a brighter future.
  • Let go of Grief- Grief is something we all must face at one point or another, and it must be dealt with appropriately in order to prevent it from cluttering the space in our minds. You can’t ignore it, but you can’t think or talk about it constantly either. You need to allow yourself to move through the stages of grief until you reach acceptance. Once this is done, you will still have feelings of grief, but they won’t clutter your mind as they used to.
  • Let go of Mistakes- You can’t fix the past, so why live in it? If the mistakes you made two years ago when you first began CNA training are still haunting you today, then you are living in the past. Learn from those mistakes, don’t make them again, but don’t allow them to claim victory in your mind.

Spring Cleaning After CNA Training

Is your mind cluttered with matters that should not be there? This season, take the time to do some spring cleaning on more than your home; begin spring cleaning in your mind as well by letting go of thoughts and feelings that only serve as clutter after CNA training.


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