Starting Your CNA Training

Getting Started With Your CNA Trainingcna training

Congratulations on deciding to take the first big step in your budding medical career by becoming a certified nursing assist. While making the decision to take the plunge and start CNA training is a huge step, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself before you enroll.

Things To Consider Before Beginning CNA Training

What are the pre requisites of enrolling in a Certified Nursing Assistant course?

  • You must be over 18 years of age to start a CNA training course. That does not mean that if you are younger you can’t still work towards the certification with your choice of college and secondary schooling subjects.
  • You must hold a General Education Development Certificate or a High School Diploma Certificate. Undertaking a GED test can be a fantastic way of broadening your general employment opportunities and allow you to start your CNA training.
  • You must undertake and pass a criminal background check to ensure the safety of the patients you will be working with.
  • You must test negative for hepatitis and tuberculosis. As you can imagine in the medical profession the spread of infection is a tremendous issue and insuring that nursing staff have no high risk infectious diseases is key

What fees can I expect to pay for my course?

Cost and fees of CNA training issues can vary quite considerably from just a few hundred dollars to close to $3000. Some of these cover the cost of your final exam, some don’t. Always ensure that you talk to your education provider and find out if your fees cover all out of pocket costs and if not which other costs you will be expected to pay. There are also subsidy programs available to help cover the costs of CNA Training.

Should I study on campus or online?

This wholly depends on your own personal study patterns and time commitments. Studying for you CNA training on campus in a traditional class room setting gives you access to teachers and peers face to face and allows for more intense collaboration and mentoring. But if you are working while you study or your family and home commitments prevent you from being able to go into a physical education facility, online studies can afford you the flexibility of deciding your own study hours and venue.

What should I look for in an education provider?

You should always do your research before you embark on any further education, while most education facilities care about their students and foster strong and trusting relationships some less desirable institutions may not have your best interests at heart. These organizations specialize in high turnover of students rather than a high success rate. Before enrolling ensure you talk to the staff you will be learning from and former students to make sure that you attend the most suitable place for you to start your CNA training.

When should I start?

Some providers start their courses at particular times in the school year and are only open for enrolment prior to those times, some institutions, particularly online providers, allow you to start whenever you like. Just be sure that you will have the time to devote to a least 1 month of full time study or two months part time.

With all of this information in mind, be sure to do your research before enrolling in a CNA training course.

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