State Nurse Aide Registries and CNA Training: What You Need to Know

cna trainingCNA Training

After you have finished your CNA training and are a certified nursing assistant, you will become a part of your particular state’s nurse aid registry. Each state has their own registry, and when you apply for a job after CNA training, potential employers will look at the registry in your state to ensure you have completed all of the required classroom and clinical hours to become a CNA in your state, and to ensure you have the knowledge required to properly care for the patients in their facility.


In order to be listed in the nurse aid registry in your state, there are certain things you must do. Here are a few tips on how to be listed in the state registry so your potential employers will feel confident in your abilities as a CNA.



How to Be Listed in Your State Nurse Aid Registry After CNA Training


  • Attend State Certified CNA Training- While many training options are available for those who wish to work in the health care field, in order to become a state-certified nursing assistant and be listed in your state’s nurse aid registry, you must make sure the CNA training you take is approved by your state. This will ensure you receive the right CNA training, the correct number of hours for training, and the best instruction.


  • Pass Your CNA Training- It is essential that while you are taking your CNA training you do your best to always attend your classes, obtain the best grades, and avoid being late. This will ensure you pass your CNA courses with flying colors.


  • Pass Your State Exam- At the end of your CNA training, you will be required to pass a two-part state exam, consisting of a written examination to test your knowledge of the medical field and a skills exam to test the skills you obtained during your CNA classes. The only way to become certified by your state and have your name in the state nurse registry is to pass both of these exams.


  • Continue Your Education- After CNA training, you will only be able to hold onto your certification for a certain amount of time. In most states, you will have to renew your CNA license after two years. If you fail to obtain the correct amount of continuing education hours and renew your license, your name will be removed from the nurse aid registry in your state, and you will have to retake your CNA training in order to continue working as a CNA.


  • Maintain a Clean Record- If you want to be listed in the state CNA registry, you must maintain a clean record. This means you cannot be found guilty of particular crimes, like sexual assault, violence, or felony drug trafficking. The specific regulations on crimes will be determined by your particular state.


Keep Your Name on Your State Registry After CNA Training


In order to obtain the best employment after CNA training, your name needs to be on the nurse registry in your state. To ensure it is, follow these helpful tips before, during, and after CNA training.

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