Stress and CNA Training: Learning to Deal

CNA TrainingCNA Training

To this day, I can still remember my first interview for the nursing home I worked for after CNA training. I hadn’t earned my CNA training certification yet. In fact, before I walked into the nursing home, I didn’t even know what a CNA was. I had just moved from out of state and had previously worked in a group home for developmentally disabled adults as a personal support assistant, of which no certification was required.

So, when I walked into the nursing home that day, I expected to find a similar position, if any were available. I chatted for a few moments with the business manager, who had let me in the door, and told her exactly what I was wanting to do. She handed me an application, and after filling it out she ushered me into a large office down the hall.

I had no idea then, but I was sitting across from the director of nursing for the facility. She looked over my application and immediately began the interview process. I sat there, stumbling over my words and taken aback. I had no idea that I would be interviewing today. I was only filling out applications. When she mentioned CNA training, a blank look covered my face, and I mumbled that I didn’t know what that was. She quickly explained how similar it was to what I had been doing in the group home, and how they would pay for my training if I was willing to work for them for six months and was really interested in this type of career.

The Stress of CNA Training

To make a long story short I, of course, accepted the offer. However, the offer isn’t what I remember most about that day. It was the stress. The stress of being put in a situation I wasn’t prepared for and a situation I didn’t expect. Throughout CNA training and after, this stressful feeling has become more and more common.

What about you? Did you experience this same feeling before, during, or after CNA training? This feeling is stress, and it can be a powerful emotion. It can wear you down or push you forward, depending on how you deal with it. And, during and after CNA training, how you deal with stress is extremely important. Why?

  • Your Patients Need You- If you can’t cope with situations that cause you stress, your patients suffer. They need you to be ready to deal with anything that comes your way after CNA training. Even if you can not actually do anything about a stressful situation, keeping a clear head and knowing who to turn to is essential for your patients’ health.
  • Your Employer Needs You- When an employer hires you after CNA training, they are only going to do so if they think you can handle the stress of your job. That is why the interview process is so stressful. They have to make sure you are capable of facing a tough situation and getting through with calm dignity.
  • It’s Bad for Your Health- One of the most important reasons to learn how to deal with stress after CNA training is how this emotion can affect your physical and mental health. Left unchecked, you can suffer from depression, anxiety, heart problems, gastrointestinal issues, and even high blood pressure.

When you work in the health care field, stress is a part of life. Make sure you learn how to deal with yours so you can maintain a great career after CNA training.

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