Stress-Reducing Tips for Your CNA Training Test

cna trainingCNA Training Test

You’ve spent the last three to five weeks in CNA training, and now that you’re graduated, you’re ready to take on the CNA training test. While preparing for the test might be nerve-wracking, the real stress begins when you sit down to complete the first part: the written exam. Here are just a few ways you can calm those nerves and score you best after CNA training.

Reduce Stress During Your CNA Training Test

  • Stay Focused- When you’re taking your CNA training test, your mind shouldn’t be thinking about whether you left the coffee pot on or what you might like to cook for dinner tonight. Focus on the test and the test only. Clear everything else from your mind.
  • Sit Comfortably- When you’re stressed, it’s easy to forget good posture. Hunching over the desk or stiffening up won’t help, though. While you’re taking your CNA training exam, do your best to sit up straight so you don’t add aches and pains to your list of worries.
  • Read the Directions- Failing to read the directions can land you in hot water when it comes to your CNA training test. Make sure you read them carefully, as sometimes the test might ask you to choose the best possible answer, while other times it will turn the tables and ask you to choose the worst. You never know what’s in store, so read first.
  • Pace Yourself- While the CNA training test is timed, that doesn’t mean you need to race through it. Know ahead of time how many questions there are and plan how much time you can spend on each. If you have trouble with a certain question, skip it and try to answer it again when you’re completely finished with the test. At the same time, it’s not a race. Take the time to read each question and answer carefully. Most of the time, the CNA training exam is multiple choice. While choice A may look good, be sure to read every choice before answering the question. Choice D may be even better.
  • Don’t be Distracted- Glancing up at the clock to ensure you are making good time is alright, but don’t let yourself become distracted too much. Glancing around the room could make you feel even more nervous, and your CNA training instructor might think you’re trying to cheat off your fellow student’s paper.
  • Use All of the Time- Finish the test before your entire time is up? Don’t hand it in right away. Go back over each of the questions and make sure that you’ve answered them correctly. This is also the best time for you to go back to those hard questions you had to skip and complete them.
  • Relax- Once the test is over, go home and don’t dwell. The results will be available to you soon enough, and worrying about it won’t make your grade any better. Reward yourself for your accomplishment of completing CNA training and allow yourself a little time to relax and enjoy the idea of your future career.

Passing Your CNA Training Exam

Are you ready for your CNA training exam? If you want to pass, keep these tips in mind so you can reduce the amount of stress you feel and earn the grade you want after CNA training.

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