Studying for the CNA Training Exam

cna trainingCNA Training Exam

It feels like just yesterday I was finishing my CNA training clinicals and preparing for the exam that was to follow. While CNAs have up to 24 months to take their exam in most states after completing the course, my test was included as part of the tuition and the college I studied at was a testing center. This meant that I was able to immediately take the exam after finishing the CNA training class.

This had its good points and its bad ones. The good part was that the information was fresh in mind. I had just had an opportunity to use what I had been learning in a hands-on setting, making the skills part of the test a bit easier.

The bad part about it was there wasn’t very much time for me to study and get ready for the test. That doesn’t mean I didn’t, though. In fact, the little amount of time I had simply forced me to study harder.

Are you worried you won’t pass your CNA training exam? Here are a few tips that I found to be useful when I was studying for mine.

CNA Training: Study Tips for the Exam

Use the Practice Tests- There are plenty of practice tests available for free, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of them. At the time of my test, I didn’t have internet, where the choice of practice tests is incredible. I did have a very helpful CNA training instructor, however, who provided us with a few different tests we could use to study. Using these test is essential, as it help you get the knack of the multiple choices questions you’ll be asked. It helps you realize that you have to read through every single multiple choice answer as well, since some questions have “all of the above” at the end, and others have three right answers with one being the best option.

Use Your Friends and Family- Using the skills you learn in CNA training is hard when you don’t have a fellow student to practice on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other people. My mother was more than willing to help me study for my exam. I took her blood pressure, gave her a fake sponge bath (talking the process out even when you can’t actually do it does help!), changed her bed linens while she lay in bed pretending she couldn’t move, and helped her with range of motion exercises.

Get Some Sleep- You can’t function correctly when your body is tired, so take the time to sleep during CNA training! You may feel as if you need to study constantly, but there’s only so much your brain can take when you’re running on nothing but coffee and energy drinks. Getting some much-deserved rest can actually help you retain more of what you’re studying.

Eat Breakfast- On test day, make sure to have a healthy breakfast before you head out to the testing facility. This can help keep your mind focused and keep your energy up while you’re taking the CNA training exam.

Passing Your CNA Training Test

Want to pass your CNA training test? While you may be nervous and want to go ‘all out’ when it comes to studying, do yourself a favor. Get some practice tests, use the help of your friends and family, and then get some sleep. Don’t push yourself too hard, but make your time matter when it comes to CNA training.

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