Test Prep Tips for Your CNA Training Test

cna trainingCNA Training

For some, CNA training will pass quickly; for others, it may take up to a year. It all depends on the CNA training school you attend. However, each individual who finishes CNA training will have one thing in common: they are eligible to take the CNA training exam.


In the past, we have discussed the CNA exam, so you already know that it consists of two parts, a written and a skills section. Preparing for this test is an essential part of your program, because even if you pass the class, you are not guaranteed your certification until you complete and pass both parts of the exam. While this may be difficult for some, as it involves both setting aside specific time to practice your skills and carefully studying to prepare for both parts of the test, it doesn’t have to be difficult with these test prep tips.

Preparing for Your Exam at the End of CNA Training

  • Schedule Time- While it might seem obvious that you need to set aside time to study for the exam, many students are so busy with their families, jobs, and locating the perfect CNA position that they fail to remember this step after CNA training. Schedule a specific time you will study and write it down. Stick to that time table and find a place that will allow you to be alone for at least a few hours, whether that is at home, the library, or any other location.
  • Use a Study Guide- While you might have to shell out a few dollars, obtaining a quality study guide online or in a bookstore can really help when it comes to studying for your CNA training exam. Make sure the guide describes the format of the test, asks sample questions, provides you with practice tests, give you test-taking techniques to use, and reviews relevant information you will need to know in order to improve your score.
  • Understand the Format of Your Test- In most cases, there will be 70 multiple choice questions on your written exam and you will have 2 hours to complete it. For the skill’s exam, you will be asked to perform three to five skills you learned during CNA training. However, this format can vary, depending on your state. Contact your state’s board of nursing for the exact format before you begin studying for the exam.
  • Take a Practice Test- You purchased the study guide, so why waste it? Use it, and take the practice test provided. If you need more preparation, you can find more practice tests online for free. Time yourself on each test you take, so you are prepared for the time limits you will have on the day of the test.
  • Relax- The day before the exam, set aside your books, notes, and practice tests and try to relax. Forget about the test and CNA training for one day and use this time to clear your mind. Eat healthy meals and go to bed early so you can get enough sleep. This will help you feel refreshed and ready for the test the next day.

Your CNA exam is coming soon; make sure you are doing everything you can to prepare for the most important test you will take after CNA training.

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