The 411 on Scheduling Your CNA Training Exam

cna trainingCNA Training

So, you’ve finally neared the end of your CNA training, and you are beginning to think about the exam that lies ahead of you. This exam is important; it will determine whether you earn your certification and are able to work as a nursing assistant in your state. If, however, you did not take your CNA training at an approved state testing site, you will most likely need to take additional steps to apply for and schedule the upcoming test.

Approved state testing sites make life easy for CNAs. They often include the testing fees within the tuition and will automatically schedule the exam for each student when the class is completed. However, these classes aren’t always available, and many students attend other approved training programs because of their location or tuition price.

If you are in charge of scheduling your own ‘CNA training exam, there are a few things you need to know.

Scheduling a CNA Training Exam

  • You can obtain an application for the exam through your CNA training program or by contacting your state’s nursing board. Applications are also available for download at many state nursing board websites.
  • You alone are responsible for completing the application correctly and truthfully; however, if you need assistance, your employer or CNA training instructor will be able to help you. Your state nursing board will also be able to assist you if you have any problems.
  • Most nursing boards require you to mail the application, a form of identification, a certificate stating that you have completed the CNA training program, and any appropriate fees for the exam at the same time, in one envelope. Be sure to check with your state, however; some may ask that you pay the exam fee on the day of the exam.
  • Find out what type of payment is accepted by your examiner and state. Some states do not allow you to pay with cash or a personal check. In these states, you may need a certified check, money order, or a check from your employer in order to take the exam. Keep in mind that if your employer pays for the exam with a company check, your name should appear somewhere on the check; this will limit confusion and ensure there is proof that you have paid for your exam.
  • Keep in mind that in many states if you have been working as a nursing assistant (uncertified) in a medical facility for a certain period of time or are re-testing as a CNA while working in a medical facility, your employer may be required to pay all CNA training examination fees.
  • Once the application has been mailed to the nursing board or examination company, depending on your state’s requirements, you will need to wait to hear back on whether your application has been approved. The company or board of nursing will review the application to ensure it is whole and correct and ensure that all required fees and documents are included with it. They will then schedule a date for your CNA training exam.

CNA Training Exams: Special Requests

For many students, the application for the CNA training exam will be simple and straight forward. If, however, you have a disability and need special assistance to take your test, keep in mind that you must request special arrangements when you apply for the exam. Examiners are prepared to assist those who suffer from disabling conditions and will be able to assist individuals appropriately through their written, oral, and skills evaluations. However, in order to receive this assistance, you must request it on your application and have your health care provider provide proof of your disability. This proof must be then sent with your application for the CNA training exam.

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