The Benefits of Red Cross CNA Training

cna trainingRed Cross CNA training is the perfect choice for those who want to become certified nursing assistants because of the standard of excellence this program entails. The curriculum not only complies with federal standards for CNAs, but also includes individual state requirements that may not be the same as the federal requirements.

What Kind of CNA Training Does the Red Cross Offer?

For more than twenty years the Red Cross has been involved in CNA training. This organization, which provides training in about 36 cities within the United States, is extremely capable of providing the correct knowledge to student who want to be enter into the medical field and become certified nursing assistants.

Some of the knowledge that you, as the student, will gain during this type of training program include:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Measuring input and output
  • Basic hygiene
  • How to feed and bathe patients
  • Patient rights and ethical treatment
  • How to correctly lift and / or move a patient
  • Records and keeping charts

Benefits of Red Cross CNA Training

Red Cross CNA training is structured in several different formats and is extremely different than other types of CNA training, like online nursing assistant courses. You will benefit from text book learning, but will also experience other types of training, including lectures, lab practice, and clinical experience. These training experiences will fully prepare you for the State CNA exam that you are required to take at the end of your classes and will also help prepare you to be a more competent nursing assistant.

Another benefit to the Red Cross CNA training program is the fact that it provides the correct amount of knowledge while moving at a fast pace than many other CNA training programs. This means a nice jumpstart to entering the field and working as a professional CNA.

With the hands-on training that is provided by the Red Cross, you will also be able to experience and practice with the different types of equipment you will be using in the nursing field. The Red Cross is able to provide their students with the following equipment training:

  • Lifts
  • Thermometers and Blood Pressure Equipment
  • Mannequins for CPR and other CNA training
  • Hospital Beds
  • Bed Pans
  • Hospital gowns and sheets
  • Wheelchair

This equipment is used by the CNA on a daily basis, so providing the real-life training opportunities allows the CNA to become familiar with them and feel more at ease and confident.

Another benefit to using the Red Cross training program is the fact that the organization will cover the cost of the state test you will be required to take at the end of your CNA training classes. If you are serious about your future in the health care industry, you may want to consider Red Cross CNA training.

Is Red Cross CNA Training Right For You?

No matter what type of CNA training you decide on, becoming a CNA can be both an exciting and deeply rewarding career. The Red Cross offers an excellent training program. If you can handle the fast paced curriculum and want to begin your career as quickly as possible, Red Cross CNA training may be the right choice for you.


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    I am 45 years old. My parents are elderly, and I am the only one here to take care of their special needs. I wish to start out as a cna, and then move into a certified nursing degree. I have been told that the Red Cross is an excellent way to build a foundation for learning. Please tell me how and where and I will be there. Thank you.

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    I haven’t been in school in years. I am thirty something years old and need a new start. I have been in the medical field for over 10 years but all non-clinical. Im excited for the next step. I need that push-and to see that it’s possibly free training made me want it even more.
    -Medical Tech
    -Certified Nursing Assistant or any entry level training for clinical studies

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    I am very interested in cna ,however am an international student who work hard to get into the Red Cross program,even though I tried to paid for that program,unfortunately at last I felt so bad that I failed the written part but passed the skilled due to misunderstanding.I will be very glad to have a second chance.Thanks

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