The Benefits of Using CNA Training Videos

cna trainingCNA Training

In any state, individuals who wish to become certified nursing assistants must complete CNA training and take a two-part state exam before they can do so. In order to learn everything needed to become a CNA, students must study hard and use all of the resources available to them to complete their CNA training and prepare for the state test.


One of the best resources often used by CNA training programs are videos. These videos are often an excellent source of information for nursing assistants, as they can show CNAs how to properly perform all the duties and responsibilities they will be required to know and do each and every day after they have completed CNA training.


Benefits of CNA Training Videos


So, what makes these CNA training videos such important resources for nursing assistants? While they should be used in conjunction with textbook learning, these videos can provide a number of advantages a textbook cannot.


  • These videos can prepare students in CNA training for the clinical portion of their training and exam. While watching these videos, you can view actual certified nursing assistants performing daily tasks you will be requested to complete during the state exam.


  • CNA training videos can prepare you for difficult situations that may occur during the course of your CNA career. You will learn how to deal with difficult patients, how to handle stress, what to do if one of your patients becomes injured, and how to deal with the death of a patient. As a CNA-to-be, these videos can provide you with a wealth of information so you are truly prepared when you start your new career.


  • Many CNA training videos will address specific concerns within the nursing field, such as patient privacy. These videos will provide you with accurate demonstrations of what you should and should not do in a health care facility in order to protect the privacy of your patients and residents. Some videos will also help you understand how to protect a patient’s dignity. They will provide you with examples of CNAs who are performing tasks that may compromise the dignity of their patients, and show you the correct way you should perform these duties.


  • Many CNA training videos will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete some of the more difficult daily tasks you will be asked to perform. These videos ensure you are performing your responsibilities correctly to ensure both your safety and the safety of your patients.


  • While your textbook will provide you with a wealth of information during CNA training, these videos can help you make sense of what you read and help you remember the instructions longer.


Using Videos in CNA Training


There are many benefits to using videos in CNA training, especially when they are utilized in conjunction with real practice and textbook reading. These videos can help you learn more about your career and the tasks you will be asked to perform each day, and prepare you for the certification exam you must take when you have completed your CNA training.

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