The Dating Dish: Romantic Involvements With Coworkers After CNA Training

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When you finish CNA training, you might not exactly be searching for prince charming and your happily ever after, but what if it just happens before you realize it? What if you find the perfect job after CNA training and the one you have been searching for all your life is right there, working along beside you?


While your head may be telling you it is wrong to get involved in an “office romance,” sometimes your heart and your head don’t always share the same opinion. The problem with this is, you are already working in a challenging environment after CNA training. You are in the midst of performing stressful and very important tasks. Becoming involved with someone might be distracting, especially if your work requires you to encounter the other individual on a frequent basis. This can affect your job, make your coworkers uncomfortable, and even turn your coworkers against you.


Developing a Relationship With a Coworker After CNA Training


Before you dive into a relationship that could cost you your career, consider these tips.


  • Understand the Policy of Your Medical Facility- Some facilities embrace relationships among coworkers- as long as you disclose the relationship to your employer, work separately, and the romantic entanglement is not between a supervisor and underling. Others prohibit it altogether. Don’t think for a second you are going to get away with a “secret relationship” in the workplace; make sure you read the policy of your medical facility and talk to your supervisor after CNA training to determine where the company stands on romance in the workplace.


  • Stay Friends With Other CNAs- If you decide to start a relationship with someone you work with, make sure you don’t ruin your friendships with other coworkers. Don’t tell your boyfriend or girlfriend personal or work-related information you learn from your coworkers; this may not only ruin some great friendships, but some information could violate your patients’ privacy.


  • Keep Quiet- While it might be tempting to gather your friends in the break room and discuss the most intimate details of your affair after CNA training, avoid doing this. If you involve your coworkers in the affair, and your relationship dissolves, they will feel as if they need to take sides. This can disrupt the type of care your patients receive, which can result in injuries, illnesses, and neglect.


  • Remain Professional- When you are romantically involved with a coworker after CNA training, you need to remember one simple thing: your life is not an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. There should never be any sneaking into the on-call room or public displays of affection. You are a professional who has spent a great deal of time in CNA training and learning how to be a fantastic CNA on the job. Act like it.


Dating After CNA Training


While dating a coworker doesn’t always have to be a disaster after CNA training, you should always make sure you go into this type of relationship thinking clearly. Make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure your own professional appearance and to ensure your patients are receiving the care they deserve when you begin a relationship with a coworker after CNA training.

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