The Easiest Job to Have After CNA Training

cna trainingAfter CNA Training

 Becoming a nursing assistant after CNA training is perhaps one of the toughest jobs you will ever face. In most facilities, the doctor comes into a patient’s room, looks over the chart, gives the patient’s a once-over, and signs an order. The LPN and RN provide patients with the medication they need and spend the majority of their time filling out a massive amount of paperwork.


So, where does that leave the CNA? She is bathing, feeding, grooming, and dressing the patient, taking his vital signs, changing the bed sheets, and walking them to the bathroom.


Which of these three health care positions would you guess would be paid the least, but do the most? Working in a nursing home or hospital after CNA training can make you feel like you are run ragged, like you are unappreciated, and like you can’t provide your patients with the best care possible because you are always in a rush.


Luckily, there is another option. While we have discussed the benefits and type of work you will perform as a home health aide after CNA training before, today we are going to discuss why it just might be the easiest and most rewarding type of employment you can obtain when you finish CNA training.


Becoming a Home Health Aide After CNA Training


  • When you enter home health after CNA training, it is a completely different environment involving only you and the patient. While a nurse will most likely drop by once or twice a week, the majority of your time will be spent ensuring your patient receive the proper care he or she needs.
  • Because you aren’t working in a health care facility after CNA training, but a patient’s home, you have more flexibility. If your patient wants to sit down with you and discuss his or her week for the first ten minutes you are in the home, you can because there are no bosses looking over your shoulder and telling you to hurry up.
  • Many aides who work in home health after CNA training find their clients to be very agreeable and flexible. This means if you have to take your child to the doctor during your scheduled patient time, most patients will gladly help you arrange to help them at a different time earlier or later in the day so you are able to be with your child.
  • The workload of a home health aide after CNA training is typically light. You will be responsible for helping them with simple household tasks, preparing meals, bathing, and grooming. However, if you are scheduled to be in the patient’s home for three hours each day and your work only takes you an hour and a half to complete, you will be able to spend the rest of the time getting to know the patient and giving him or her the attention they need and deserve and developing a real relationship with the patient.


Find a Rewarding Career in Home Health After CNA Training


Working as a home health aide after CNA training may be one of the easiest jobs for a nursing assistant, but it can also be the most rewarding. If you want to spend your nursing career caring for patients and helping them in their daily lives, consider becoming a home health aide after CNA training.

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