The Importance of Incident Reports After CNA Training

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Incident report. No one likes to hear those two words spoken together after CNA training. And we avoid them like the plague. In fact, there are times when an incident report needs to be filled out and we fail to do so because we don’t want to risk our jobs or get in trouble. After CNA training, there really is no good excuse for not filling out a report when an incident has occurred.

After CNA Training: When to Fill Out an Incident Report

Incident reports need to be filled out more often than you might think.

  • When a patient is injured or falls
  • When a patient is abused or neglected
  • When equipment is faulty (yes, I am referring to that electric blood pressure cuff that won’t start no matter how many new batteries you put in it)
  • When patient care Is late or delayed
  • When you or another health care team member is abused
  • When you or another health care team member is injured or falls

Why We Need Incident Reports After CNA Training

Each and every time one of these incidents occur after CNA training, you need to fill out an incident report. While this may be difficult if you fear for your job or you believe the incident could have been prevented, there are some serious reasons why these reports are so important after CNA training and can not be ignored.

  • Help Administration- Many incidents that occur after CNA training occur through no fault of your own. Sometimes staff shortage or inadequate training makes it difficult to prevent falls, delayed care, and other problems in the workplace. By filling out an incident report, you are helping the administration of your medical facility realize what is occurring. With this information in hand, they will have good reason to hire new staff, offer more training, and provide better medical equipment for you and other health care team members to use after CNA training.
  • Patient Safety- When a patient is abused, falls, is injured, or doesn’t receive proper care on time, their health and safety is at risk. After CNA training you must fill out incident reports for these problems so that you and your co-workers can take steps to provide a better environment for your patients; one that promotes healing, safety, and happiness.
  • Who Knows?- If you fail to file an incident report, no matter what the incident is after CNA training, then the only way to inform the next individual who takes over your patient’s care is by telling them during the shift report. They might pass along this information to the next shift as well, and perhaps even to the administrator or director of nursing, but eventually the incident will be forgotten. When the incident is written down and reported immediately to the nursing supervisor, it can be reviewed, studied, and remembered so that steps can be taken to ensure it never happens again.

Do you always remember to fill out your incident reports? Your patients, your job, and your administration depend on these reports to assess situations and determine the health and safety of your patients, so make sure you always fill them out after CNA training.

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