The Increasing Demands for CNAs and CNA Training

Why Is The Demand For CNAs And CNA Training Rising?cna training

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the surge in job opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants now and in the not too distant future. Which is obviously great new for those looking into starting CNA training. But what is causing such a dramatic growth rate and what does this mean for the future of nursing support?

1)    Aging Population – America’s ageing population can be attributed to a greater life expectancy and more people reaching 90 and above. This puts additional strain on aged care facilities and general health care resources. Senior services are one of the biggest demand areas for nursing assistants and home health aides, it’s estimated that approximately 30% or over of students currently in CNA training will be employed in Aged Care Services for at least a portion of their careers. Seniors quite often need at least a small amount of weekly medical care or in home health assistance.
2)    Health Care Reform – With the US recently taking huge steps in health care funding and reforming the structure of public health care, people are able to afford medical attention more readily. Whereas 5 to 10 years ago people would have put off seeking medical attention due to prohibitive costs, now they are able to afford to go into an Emergency department when necessary or to book into a clinic for more routine ailments and procedures. Health care schemes and health insurance incentives whilst making for an all-round healthier population means increased demand for qualified support staff that have been through courses such as CNA training.
3)    Growing Population – Not only is the population ageing but there is also the average forecasted population growth. This steady population rise is expected as a matter of course by state and federal governments but it still increases the demand on essential medical services. Although this rate of growth has begun to slow in recent years there is still the need to allow for additional medical resources.
4)    Further medical knowledge – With constant medical advances and innovation and the increased health and wellbeing awareness of the public, people are seeking medical assistance when the first symptoms of a serious ailment are presented. This equates to early diagnosis in some cases and is a thoroughly positive trend which allows medical staff to begin treatment and increase chances of rehabilitation. Although it does place additional pressure on resources and translates to a need for more Nursing assistants who have been through the appropriate CNA training.

How are CNA Training Facilities meeting the demands?

CNA training is now offered by a wider range of education providers across the country, with much of the written book work now able to be completed online. The need for qualified CNAs has also been recognized by the state and now receives additional funding for students and course providers. Education providers also work in with local medical facilities to offer traineeships and scholarships which can assist individual students as well as increase the appeal and accessibility of the course to the wider community.

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