The Most Important Individuals You Will Ever Work With After CNA Training

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Every day, after CNA training, you will roam the halls of your hospital or nursing home, working hand-in-hand with important individuals who can not only provide you with access to the tools you need, but allow you to do your job correctly. These individuals are essential to a healthy workplace; you alone can not provide the care your patients need or keep your medical facility running smoothly. Who are these individuals?

After CNA Training: The Most Important Individuals You Work With

  • Nurses- While your job description may differ, the nurses you work with after CNA training have the same goals and aspirations as you; they want to provide the best possible care to those lying in their hospital beds. They might order you around, get aggravated at your inability to perform tasks at the pace they expect, and assign you the worst halls to work on, but they are your mentors, your advocates, and the ones you have to rely on. Many of them completed CNA training just like you, and know exactly what tools and information you need to complete your job correctly. Whether you get along or not, they will be there for you when the going gets rough. Treasure them.
  • The Lunch Line- Never bite the hand that feeds you= especially after CNA training. While you might not know what is in the mystery meatloaf, being polite and kind will ensure it’s always something edible. If your lunch is delivered, tip well, and always smile; the individuals who keep you fed are important after CNA training. After all, do you really have the time to make your own lunch?
  • Housekeeping- Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with the help of the janitorial and housekeeping staff. They make sure there are fresh linens in the linen closet, ensure you never have to worry about stocking towels in a patient’s room, and aren’t afraid to tackle the dirty messes that require extra-strength cleaners.
  • The Unit Secretary- While you love caring for your patients, dealing with the secretarial side of things isn’t your forte. And that okay, because after CNA training you will have a unit secretary. This individual makes sure all of the paperwork is done correctly, answers the phone and talks to the upset and sometimes screaming patient family members, and makes sure you are always in the right place at the right time. Without them, you would be lost, so take time to appreciate them after CNA training.
  • The Coffee Man- Whether coffee is delivered to your medical facility after CNA training, you visit a cart right outside the hospital, or you are simply lucky enough to work with a fellow CNA who loves to treat everyone with a cup of Joe each morning, don’t take it for granted. Be polite, say thank you, and always do what you can to show your appreciation. One mistake, and you could be back to drinking the decaf generic brand stocked by a nurse in 1964.

You are going to work with some amazing people as a CNA, so make sure you appreciate them and show them the respect they deserve after CNA training.

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