The Secret to Obtaining The Right Job Benefits After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When most individuals finish CNA training and begin looking for employment, their main concern is obtaining a salary they can live off of. For most CNAs, this is between $8.00 and $14.00 an hour. However, when you graduate from CNA training, a decent salary isn’t all you should be concerned with.


You should also think about the benefits offered by your new employer as well.


Benefits, like health insurance, disability, social security, and paid time off, can be just as important as your paycheck. They are added bonuses that make your new career worthwhile and help you live a more stable and profitable life.


The big question is: how do you go about obtaining the best benefits after CNA training?


Obtaining Job Benefits After CNA Training


  • Negotiate- CNAs are in high demand all across the country, and that gives you a bit of wiggle room when it comes to obtaining job benefits after CNA training. If a company needs you to work for them because they are short handed, you have a bit of power you can wield to negotiate for better benefits. When you are deciding whether or not to take a new position at a local medical facility, consider discussing possible changes to the benefits the company wants to offer you. While you might not be able to obtain everything you want, you may be able to obtain a few more days of vacation or dental insurance as well as health insurance.


  • Check Before You Go- Many CNAs these days enter CNA training with the expectation of working for a certain facility when they graduate. If you already have a facility in mind, don’t enroll in CNA training on your own just yet. One of the best benefits of becoming a CNA is the widely available free CNA training offered through many medical facilities. These facilities generally are in need of CNAs and are willing to pay for the CNA classes you take if you agree to come work for them. Even if you aren’t able to obtain free CNA training through the medical facility, you can still determine what benefits are available, so you can decide whether working for them is worth it.


  • Sacrifice- Choosing one CNA position over another because you will earn a higher salary is not always the best choice. You need to consider the benefits offered as well. Even if you are able to bring home a dollar more an hour with one facility, if benefits like disability, paid time off, dental insurance, health insurance, and retirement funds are not offered, you aren’t really getting any more out of the position. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a higher paycheck for those necessary benefits.


Make Sure You Obtain The Benefits You Need After CNA Training


When you finish your CNA classes, don’t settle for a new position based solely on the salary you will make. Make sure you consider the benefits as well that may be essential to your life after you are done with CNA training.

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