The Top 5 Paying Jobs After CNA Training

cna trainingThe Jobs You Want After CNA Training

There are many reasons you might be considering CNA training, but have you considered what type of position you want to obtain once you have completed it? This career can be very rewarding. You will often be making a big difference in the health of others and making the last days of some of your patients comfortable and happy.

But this career is more than just rewarding. It is extremely versatile. After CNA training, you will not be restricted to just one area of employment. You will be able to choose from a variety of employment options.

Top 5 CNA Jobs to Land After CNA Training

After CNA training, the many employment options you come across may leave you feeling a little confused. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to know which job is the best fit for you. Here is a little background on the top five jobs available to CNAs.

  • Hospital CNAs- If you decide to work in a hospital after CNA training, you will assist many different patients with various medical conditions. Day to day duties can include assisting with medical procedures, taking vital signs, monitoring patient fluid intake and output, collecting samples, and reporting changes in behavior, mental status, or physical changes in patients to your supervisor. You may also help patients with daily tasks such as bathing, eating, walking, and getting in and out of beds.
  • Nursing Homes CNAs- Working in a nursing home after CNA training is much different than working in a hospital. In a hospital, new patients are admitted and discharged every single day. In a nursing home, though, you will be caring for long term residents each day. Your day to day job duties will include feeding,  bathing, dressing, and monitoring patients. You will be responsible for taking vital signs, helping patients get in and out of bed, preventing falls, and assisting with toileting.
  • Home Health CNAs- If you choose to work as a home health aide after CNA training, you will work independently in a patient’s home. This type of career involves performing some of the same duties as any other CNA, but you will also be responsible for preparing meals, shopping for food, and performing household chores. Because of the nature of this work, you will not be under the direct supervision of a nurse or doctor the majority of the time, although you will have to report to them.
  • Assisted Living CNAs- Assisted living facilities offer residents a feeling of independence, while providing them with daily, and sometimes round the clock, care. If you choose to work in an assisted living facility, you will be responsible for providing assistance with everyday activities, building relationships with residents and families, and providing a caring and healthy environment.
  • Rehabilitation CNAs- Becoming a rehabilitation CNA involves caring for patients who are recovering from injuries, illnesses, and surgeries. As a CNA, you will be responsible for many daily tasks, but you will also assist with the rehabilitation plan of the patient. You will be involved in helping patients with walking, transferring, occupational therapy, and speech therapy under the supervision of a therapist.

 After CNA training, you will have a number of options regarding what type of employment you will have. Find one that is the right fit for you and begin your CNA training today!

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