The Workforce Investment Act Offers Free CNA Training

cna trainingAre you looking to start a new career, and thinking about CNA training? Becoming a CNA can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path, but obtaining the best CNA training, at a price you can afford is not always an easy option. Before you spend money you don’t really have, here is some information that may help you obtain the job of your dreams.

Workforce Investment Act and CNA Training

In 1998, our government passed a law known as the Workforce Investment Act, or WIA. This law was intended to help individuals obtain the right type of training and education they needed to find suitable jobs. One of the many career education opportunities associated with this type of career is CNA training.

Under the WIA, two types of programs are available, one for adults and one for youth. These programs are restricted, however, and are only available for those who meet the following criteria.

  • Unemployed
  • Low income
  • No job skills
  • Have tried to find employment, but have been unsuccessful due to lack of job skills

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding the criteria for WIA, so it may differ from the above mentioned. For instance, some states will provide CNA training to those who are already employed.

Adult CNA Training Programs through Workforce Investment Act

If your state and county has a prominent need for CNAs, you may be able to find CNA training through the Workforce Investment Act. With the adult program, you must meet the following requirements before you will be eligible for CNA training.

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • You must be unemployed or working in a job with no future
  • You must have little to no income

Other related struggles in your life may be related to obtaining free CNA training. For instance, assistance may be offered to displaced homemakers, single mothers, and those who have been accused of a crime.

Youth Programs through Workforce Investment Act

The Workforce Investment Act also provides assistant to underprivileged youth. This includes CNA training for youth who have finished high school and do not have the opportunity, money, or education to successfully find employment.

In order to qualify for free CNA training or other employment training opportunities through the Workforce Investment Act, you must be between the ages of 14 and 21. Special circumstances, such as pregnant youth, young mothers, high school drop outs, and children with special needs may also help you qualify for this type of free CNA training and other types of training for employment.

If you are looking for free training for your career, but you don’t have the money to get on the right track, consider looking in the Workforce Investment Act. This law helps those who are underprivileged and need assistant getting back up on their feet after being laid off or suffering through hardships. With the right CNA training through the WIA, you can begin your career and look forward to a bright new future.

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