Three Difficult Individuals You’ll Work With After CNA Training

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Working in a hospital, nursing home, or doctor’s office can be difficult and tiring after CNA training. There are things that will happen that will frustrate you to no end, and there may be some days when you truly wonder what was going through your mind when you decided to take CNA training. Aggressive patients may plague you on a daily basis, and other individuals, not even patients, may disrupt your day and make you wish you had chosen to work in fast food.

What kinds of people am I talking about?

Difficult People You’ll Deal With After CNA Training

  • Grieving Families- When you work in a hospital or a nursing home, death is an ever-present part of your life. As a CNA, you hold a patient’s hand, monitor their vitals, make them as comfortable as possible, then clean their bodies post mortem. It isn’t a pretty part of the job, but it’s part of it after CNA training. When families come in, you might want to stand out of the way or run from the room. However, those families want to cling to a piece of their loved one. That means you. You were the one who cared for them, who loved them in the family’s absence. Because of this, you might be asked questions and receive a few hugs. It can be difficult, to say the least, to deal with this type of emotional incident after CNA training.
  • Mentally Ill Patients- Caring for mentally ill patients is challenging because you may not know exactly what to do for them. It may be your job to sit with them all night and keep them from harming themselves or to stand watch and ensure they don’t hurt someone else. Communication can be hard after CNA training with mentally ill patients, especially those who aren’t sure if you are real or just another figment of their imagination.
  • Other CNAs- While I’ve had quite a few patients take swings at me, a couple of patients threaten to kill themselves, and more than enough patients die on my watch, the most difficult individuals for me after CNA training had to be other CNAs. Some just make it incredibly hard to work with them. Some are lazy, bossy, whiny, or downright rude to you and to your patients. Some are obviously only there for the paycheck and have no concern whatsoever for the patients they are in charge of caring for. For someone who went through CNA training for the right reasons, working with these people is very hard for me.

Difficult Times After CNA Training

No matter how hard things get or who you encounter after CNA training, don’t let the dark days keep you down. Keep your head up and keep moving forward as much as you can. There are much much brighter days ahead of you in your career, where you will feel as if you are truly making a difference. And you are. All thanks to CNA training.


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