Tips for Concentrating During CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you first begin CNA training, you will probably be extremely excited to begin learning new things and exploring the beginnings of your new career. As your CNA training wears on, though, life may get in the way. You might get so busy trying to complete your studies, take care of your family, and work you can barely keep your eyes open while you are sitting in class.

It isn’t that CNA training isn’t exciting, riveting, or boring, but when the rest of your life, and your future career demands you have an on-the-go, never say stop personality, sitting in a classroom for hours can be overwhelming, draining you both mentally and physically.

When this happens, do you know what to do?

How to Stay Alert During CNA Training

So, how do you stay alert during CNA training when your eyes and your brain are screaming for a nap?

  • Snacks- If your CNA training instructor will permit, pack a few snacks for your class, like Cheerios or bits of granola. Force yourself to eat each bit one at a time, so you stay alert and are able to concentrate on the lecture at hand.
  • Peppermint Oil- Do you have a diffuser necklace? If not, pick one up and fill it with a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil. The heat from your body will warm the diffuser and waves upon waves of peppermint will drift upwards toward your nose. The scent will keep you alert and awake, ready to take on any project or question the teacher has for you.
  • Stand Up- If you are really having a difficult time, talk to your CNA training instructor. Chances are, you aren’t the only one struggling to keep your eyes open in class. The instructor may allow you to get up and walk around or stand at the back of the classroom when you need a pick-me-up.
  • Request a Break- Most CNA training instructors allow students to take at least a 10 minutes break every hour, especially if they notice they have lost the attention of the class. If you are struggling at the 45 minute mark, for your teacher has become absorbed in her lecture and has completely forgotten to watch the time, raise your hand and ask for a break. Your fellow students will thank you.
  • Take Colorful Notes- Sometimes just seeing bright colors can provide enough stimulation to keep your concentration on high. Try bringing different colored highlighters into class. Each time you write something down, highlight in a specific color. For instance, general information could be highlighted in pink, complications could be highlighted in red, abbreviations could be highlighted in blue, and information you don’t completely understand can be highlighted in yellow. By taking the time to take notes and highlight each one, you will not only be better prepared for your CNA exam, but will also be able to concentrate on important information your instructor is trying to teach you.

Are you having trouble staying alert? Use these tips to increase your concentration during CNA training.


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