Tips for Filling Out CNA Training Evaluations

cna trainingCNA Training

At the end of your CNA training program, many CNA training instructors may provide you with a piece of paper that you must complete. No, it’s not another test, it’s an evaluation. Evaluations allow teachers to see what they are doing right, where they can improve, and what their students really need. Many evaluations given by CNA training instructors to their students are anonymous, meaning you won’t need to write your name at the top or let them know it is you writing the evaluation. This allows for honest answers from students who might fear retribution otherwise.

When your CNA training instructor hands you the evaluation, hare just a few things you will be expected to evaluated and rate.

Evaluating Your CNA Training

When you fill out an evaluation, you will not only be evaluating your CNA training, but your instructor as well. For this reason, try to detach from any personal vendettas you have against your instructor and be as honest as possible.

  • Content and Quality of Lectures- Do you feel as if you were taught everything you needed to know during your CNA training lectures? Were you given time to take proper notes? Did the lessons move to fast or too slow for your learning level? All of these questions need to be considered when you are taking your evaluation.
  • Text Books- Your text books should have been easy to read and understand at a college level. They should have also been whole, meaning no information was missing and no pages were torn out by previous students.
  • Teaching Method- Did your CNA training instructor’s method of teaching match with your method of learning? Were you given the visual stimulation you needed through reading? Were you able to take notes and take practice tests? Were you satisfied with the lectures and video training you received?
  • Returning Assignments- How long did it take your CNA training instructor to grade and return your assignments? The amount of time should have been relatively short, so you would have the chance to look over the questions marked wrong and study them before your next test.
  • Feedback and Questions- When you missed a question on an assignment or test, was it discussed with you? Did your CNA training instructor provide you with the correct answer and discuss why your answer was not correct? Was she willing to answer questions you had about assignments or lectures?
  • Knowledge of Content- If a CNA training instructor does not seem to be knowledgeable enough about the content they are expected to teach, you need to make sure the evaluation shows it. Her supervisors will most likely be the ones reading the evaluations and they will be able to put more time and effort into evaluating this problem.
  • Assignment Diversity- Each student learns differently. For that reason, CNA training instructors should provide diversity in the type of assignments they give. This will allow every student the opportunity to learn.

Evaluations are important. Make sure you are ready to be honest about your CNA training instructor and CNA training.

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