Tips for Losing Weight After CNA Training

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In the US today, companies devoted to weight loss strategies and products make billions of dollars every year, each devoted to assisting individuals with losing those extra pounds. After CNA training, you don’t necessarily need to rely on these companies to shed weight and improve your health, though. With these few simple tips, you can rethink your diet easily and become a healthier you!


Losing Weight After CNA Training

  • It’s Not Losing Weight, It’s Reconstructing Your Body- If you purchased a house and the front porch began to cave in or the plumbing quit, would you use the same bricks to redo the front porch or the same brand of plumbing? No, you’d purchase new mortar, new bricks, and a higher quality brand of plumbing. This is reconstruction, and the same attitude can be applied to your weight loss. If something hasn’t worked in the past, don’t just try it again. Do something new after CNA training in your diet and exercise. There are plenty of options and what failed last time isn’t going to work just because you give it a second try; choose quality materials.
  • It’s all About the Rainbow- Almost every weight loss strategy and program recommends laying off the white items in your diet, like rice, potatoes, and flour. These items have a place on your plate, but only a small one. If you want to lose weight after CNA training, every meal you eat should look like a rainbow, and I’m not referring to Blue #1 and Yellow #5. I’m talking about yellow bell peppers, green beans, and blueberries. If you want white on your plate, reduce the amount of flour and rice and stick to white like garlic and onion.
  • Plan- Life after CNA training is a rush; you are constantly running from one place to the next, and actually having the opportunity to cook a healthy, delicious meal is not always possible. Often, you find yourself pushing quarters into the vending machine down the hall just to calm your growling stomach. In order to avoid this, the best option is to pre-plan. Cook an extra amount of food during the week and place the leftovers in containers you can take to work. With just two minutes in the microwave, you can resist the vending machine chocolate and eat something that will give you the energy and substance you need to complete your shift after CNA training.
  • Stay Away From the Box- If you are ready to lose weight after CNA training, one of the most important steps you can take is to stay away from the box- the box containing that processed food. Yes, it may taste good, but that doesn’t mean it is good for your body. In fact, your body often views these processed foods as toxic aliens in your body and will pack on additional fat to protect you from them.

Your Weight After CNA Training

Are you ready to take back your body and get healthy? Losing weight doesn’t always require high dollar strategies after CNA training, but it does require high quality materials, a little sweat, and a good plan. Use these tips to shed those pounds after CNA training.

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