Tips for Obtaining CNA Training to Help Care For Your Aging Parents

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You may have never considered actually taking part in CNA training, but now that your parents are growing older and need assistance with daily tasks, the thought has crossed your mind a few times. While you already help your parents to the best of your abilities, CNA training would provide you with the additional knowledge you need for more complex issues.


If you recognize that your parents need proper nursing care, consider the following tips if you are thinking of becoming a CNA in order to assist them.



Caring for Your Parents After CNA Training


If you are considering CNA training to take care of your parents, here are a few steps you should take first.


  • Speak To Your Parents About Their Health- It might have been difficult for you to accept the fact that your parents’ health was declining and they needed help, so just imagine how they feel about losing their independence in daily tasks they have always been able to do by themselves. Before you take any steps toward becoming a CNA, sit down with them and express your concerns. Speak honestly with them and listen to what they say. Talk about their medical needs and what they can expect.
  • Assess Their Needs- Speak to your parent’s doctor about your parent’s needs. Discuss what help you believe they need and arrange to have an assessment done by both an occupational therapist and a nursing professional to assess what areas of nursing care and daily living your parents need assistance with.
  • Assess Your Own Capabilities- While you may be willing to assist your parents with any type of care they need, you may not be physically or mentally capable of doing everything. Assess your own capabilities and determine how much you can do for them without negatively impacting your own health.
  • Determine What Assistance is Available in Your Area- Before you sign up for CNA training, visit your area’s home health agency. If your doctor recommends home health for your parents, and you complete your CNA training, the home health agency may be able to employ you to work specifically for your parents. This would mean you could actually get paid to care for your parents every day.
  • Find a CNA Training Program- Once you have fully prepared yourself for becoming a CNA and taking care of your parents, find a reputable CNA training program in your area. Look online, call local nursing homes and hospitals for recommendations, and speak to local colleges to see what programs they offer. Find one that is available at a convenient time and at a cost you can afford.
  • Share The Responsibilities- Letting your parent’s nursing care take over your life isn’t healthy. Make sure you take time off when needed and share the responsibilities with other nursing assistants or family members. If you are employed by a home health agency, you will easily be able to find a replacement for a few days if you decide you need some time off. They will simply send another aide to take care of your parents so you can relax and recharge.

Obtaining CNA Training to Care for Your Parents


Are you thinking of undergoing CNA training to care for your aging parents? Make sure you are ready for the challenge so you can ensure their health and safety, as well as yours.

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