Tips for Passing Your CNA Training Class

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Like any student, when you first begin CNA training, you have aspirations to finish at the top of your class. You want to succeed as much as possible, and that means buckling down and studying every aspect of the material given to you. For some, this is easy. For others, not so much. There are some CNA training students that may have more difficulty than others when it comes to taking and passing CNA training. For those of you who might have a harder time, these tips may help.


CNA Training Tips for Passing Your Class

  • Show up- One of the most important things you can do after starting CNA training is show up for every single class. This is essential because one missed day could put you behind in your studies. If you do have to miss a day because you are sick or have an emergency, arrange to meet with your CNA training instructor to get an overview of what you missed.
  • Practice- A lot of CNA training involves skills that you learn in the classroom. Don’t wait until the day before your state exam to learn them or practice them. Practice them constantly. If possible, enroll your family members to help you at home so you can learn while doing many of the skills on a live person. This will help prepare you for the patients you’ll take care of later.
  • Take Notes- Taking notes may seem like an obvious thing, but many students fail to do so. Maybe they get caught up in listening to what the instructor is saying or they become distracted by thoughts of practicing their new skills. Whatever the reason, not taking notes can impede your success in CNA training. Write down important ideas and information that your teacher stresses or indicates may be asked on your written exam. This way, when you’re ready to study at home, you can go back and review what is most important.
  • Choose the Right School- Not all CNA training classes are alike, and it shows. Just take a look at your state board of nursing’s website. Here you’ll be able to see all the CNA training classes available in your area and the percentage of students who are able to pass the courses. Schools with higher percentages often have instructors who are experienced in the field, know how to address the different learning styles of their students, and are able to approach their teaching with real-world insight.
  • Ask for Help- It’s normal to be confused or feel frustrated when you’re learning something new that you might not understand. If you feel like you’re falling behind, don’t wait to seek help or drop out of the class. Instead, approach your CNA training instructor and ask if she could set aside some time to answer your questions.

Passing Your CNA Training Class

Are you ready to enter the fast-paced and exciting world of health care? First you’ll need to pass CNA training. Use these tips to ensure you make the most of your time during this course and are able to succeed during CNA training.

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