Tips for Passing Your CNA Training Exam

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For some, taking tests is easy; these are the students that can breeze through any exam without breaking a sweat. They seem to put no effort in, and still, they pass with flying colors every single time.


For the rest of us, taking tests isn’t quite so simple. We take notes until our fingers bleed, study for days at a time, and still fret once the test is complete, worrying about whether we actually passed or not.


When you begin taking CNA training, the state exam at the end of your course may seem daunting. You may wonder if you really have enough time to study for it, especially if you are taking a short CNA training program that lasts only a few weeks. No matter how long your CNA classes are, however, there a few steps you can take to increase the confidence you have in your ability to pass the state exam for your CNA training certification.

Testing Tips For CNA Training


One of the most important tips you can consider when getting ready for your CNA training exam is practice, practice, practice. This applies to both the written and skills sections of the exam. You can do this in several different ways and over different time periods, depending on what method is best for you and makes you feel more confident about passing the CNA training course. For some, this means continually practicing old and new skills throughout CNA training; for others this means waiting until the last week to cram so everything is fresh in their minds on test day.


So, what are some strategies you can use to ensure you pass your CNA exam?


  • Practice Tests- There are many different practice tests you can take advantage of. If you can’t find one online, you can find one by simply asking your CNA training instructor. Don’t take these tests just anywhere, however! When you are taking the real CNA exam, you won’t necessarily have privacy or a room free of distractions, so when you practice you should either. We suggest you take your practice test at the library, where you will be able to benefit from a mostly quiet atmosphere, but still be able to become accustomed to a few distractions.


  • Book a Room- We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is before a big exam. However, if you have to travel to your testing site, you may already be worn out before you get there. If you have to take your CNA test at a site more than an hour away from your home, consider booking a room so you can feel rested the day of the test.


  • Elimination- The written test is comprised of multiple choice questions. While choosing between four to five different answers can be difficult, it can be a lot easier if you eliminate all of the answers you know are incorrect. Once these are eliminated, you can concentrate on the answers that are left.


Study hard and study smart with these tips for your state exam during CNA training.

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