Tips for Passing Your CNA Training Exam

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What comes to mind when you think about the CNA training exam? Do you imagine a test writer sitting somewhere, hovering over a keyboard and pouring through CNA training books until they find one obscure and minor fact to turn into a question you won’t ever possibly be able to answer?

While it might seem like the CNA training test writers do their best to make you suffer, the honest truth is that they only come up with questions in an attempt to see whether you learned what you needed to throughout your CNA training course. They want to make sure your first year as a CNA is safe for both you and your patients, that you will know what to do when you face tough situations, and that you know how to ask the right questions when you don’t know an answer.

If you feel like you are a competent CNA, but you just don’t do well with tests, then consider these top tips for acing your CNA training exam.

Acing Your CNA Training Exam

  • Test Plan- Your first step should be realizing that each test you take has a test plan. This is the framework that is utilized to create the list of questions you have to answer. Figuring out what each plan is, is simple; you just need to determine the major areas of your training. For instance, a major area of your CNA training would be taking vitals. Because of this, you can already automatically assume there will be questions regarding vital signs.
  • Read- When you sit down to take your CNA training test, take the time to read each question and each answer thoroughly. Some questions may be tricky, and some of the questions may have multiple answers. If you get anxious and begin to read fast, you are going to skip over important words like “first,” “not,” and “except.” These words are keywords that are used to help you think more critically and come to a more conclusive decision.
  • Stay- Stay where you are on each page and with each question. Don’t skip ahead. Not only are you more likely to accidentally skip questions by doing this, but you may confuse questions.
  • Go With What You Know- While there are always exceptions, don’t answer a questions based on those exceptions. Go with what you know and what you learned during CNA training.
  • Multiple Choice- So, what do you do if you come across a multiple choice questions with two answers that might be correct? Think carefully about why one answer makes more sense than another, but don’t take too long on one question. Also, if you make a decision, don’t second guess yourself. Most of the time, your first answer will be correct.

Taking the CNA Training Exam

Taking the CNA training exam isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Make sure you follow these tips so you are ready to ace the test that comes at the end of your CNA training.

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